Two halves of one heart: Ukraine and Poland have issued unique coins together. Photo

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Ukraine and Poland jointly issue a set of coins
Ukraine and Poland jointly issue a set of coins

The National Banks of Ukraine and Poland have put into circulation a set of two uniquely shaped silver coins. The set is timed to coincide with Ukraine's Independence Day and is titled "Friendship and Brotherhood is the Greatest Wealth", and the coins are made in the form of hearts made of two halves.

The face value of the silver coins is 10 hryvnias and 10 zlotys, the NBU said. The total mintage is 10,000 pieces (five thousand pieces for each country). The set was put into circulation on 24 August 2023, but sales in the NBU's online store will only open on 31 August, and in banks in September.

NBU Governor Andriy Pyshnyi presented the coin set during a meeting with Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Bartosz Cichocki. "With these symbolic and unique commemorative coins, we want to testify to the strong friendship between Ukraine and Poland... The coins are very expressive. In shape, they are two absolutely equal halves, which eventually combine to form a heart shape that is clear to everyone... Ukrainians are immensely grateful to the Polish people for their sincerity and invaluable assistance," Pyshnyi said.

Coin at the presentation

Half of the coinage was produced by the NBU's Banknote Mint. The other half was produced by the Polish Mint (Mennica Polska S.A.). "The uniqueness of the joint Ukrainian-Polish set is that it consists of two silver commemorative coins that together form a symbolic heart-shaped figure... The design of these commemorative coins was created by the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Taran," the NBU said.

The obverses of the coins feature ribbons in the colours of the flags of Ukraine and Poland, decorated with the coats of arms of both countries. The lower part of the coins features stylised images of human figures symbolising the current situation in both countries: on the Ukrainian coin, the war and resistance of the Ukrainian people; on the Polish coin, help, support and sympathy.

What the coins of Ukraine and Poland look like

The reverses of the coins depict the symbolic figures of a Ukrainian and a Pole sitting at a table sharing bread and wine. When the two coins are joined together, the ornament in the lower part forms a flower. This is a symbol of hope, life and development, the NBU said.

Where to buy the coins

The set of commemorative coins "Friendship and Brotherhood is the Greatest Wealth" will be sold in Ukraine and Poland. In Ukraine, the set will be available for purchase

  • from 31 August 2023 in the NBU's online numismatic shop (1000 sets, all of which will be available from the first day of sale);
  • starting in September, the coin sets will be gradually sold by distributor banks (Ukrgasbank, Radabank, TAScombank, PrivatBank) as they are shipped by the NBU.

In Poland, the kit will be available at the cash desks of regional branches of the National Bank of Poland and at the Kolekcjoner online store. The National Bank of Poland intends to transfer the proceeds from the sale of this set to Ukraine as non-refundable humanitarian financial assistance.

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, the NBU has issued a new 10 UAH coin with Patriot air defence systems that protect Kyiv. The coin is a commemorative one, but has been in circulation since 4 August.

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