TVORCHI presented a dance remix of the track they will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. Video.

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TVORCHI presented a new music video

The winners of the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, TVORCHI, who will represent Ukraine at the song contest on May 13, delighted fans with an incendiary remix of their track Heart of Steel. The artists filmed the video at the Ukrainian House on Khreshchatyk.

The stars spent the night in the centre of the Ukrainian capital to shoot an atmospheric video for their fans. The result can be viewed on the performers' YouTube channel (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos and videos).

For the whole night, the monumental hall of the Ukrainian House became the centre of the rave culture of the new time. TVORCHI gathered around them more than 60 dancers who moved to the beat of the music.


Rhythmic movements and a hypnotic motif fascinated the audience. The artists put an important meaning into the music video. The video's director Ruslan Makhov said that they demonstrated the importance of unity and freedom in the video.

"It's a story about unity, feelings for each other and indestructibility. There is a religion of the free here. Our heroes, the guides, seem to attract like-minded people - conscious, motivated and strong in spirit - to one place. The more such people are together, the stronger they are," he said.


The stars dedicated their new work to all the people with hearts of steel who continue to fight for independence, freedom and their future side by side.

The video was shot all night long - from the beginning of the curfew to its end. TVORCHI also sees symbolism in this.

"Even in the darkest night, even during the curfew, we are creating a new Ukrainian culture in the heart of the capital, and nothing can stop us," the musicians summed up.

We would like to remind you that TVORCHI, who recently presented an updated version of the competition song, will go to Liverpool in May this year. The duo listened to the advice and comments from Ukrainians, so the track has undergone changes.

The stars will go to the UK with the English-language song Heart of Steel, written under the influence of the war. According to the performers, they were inspired to create the song by the resilience of Azovstal's defenders. The Ukrainians will automatically qualify for the final on May 13 as the winning country.

The day before, it became known that King Charles III would join the opening ceremony. He will solemnly light the lanterns on the stage, showing the world the final result of the preparations.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, it became known which of the Ukrainian stars will perform in the final of Eurovision 2023. Tina Karol, Verka Serdyuchka and other stars of last year's shows will appear on stage.

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