To grow large and evenly shaped carrots, it's important to know the right fertilization and watering practices

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How to grow large and tasty carrots

Carrots are an undemanding crop, but to obtain a bountiful and flavorful harvest, they need proper fertilization and watering. The benefits of carrots have been known for a long time: they improve eyesight, aid in recovering from colds, enhance the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, have a positive effect on blood vessels, and possess calming properties.

It may seem that growing carrots is extremely easy: sow, water, and wait for the harvest. In reality, to obtain sweet and large fruits, the crop requires fertilizers. Read OBOZREVATEL's article to discover the right type of fertilizers.

The first step is to establish a watering regimen. With insufficient moisture, carrots will grow hard, dry, and bitter. Water the beds abundantly and regularly.

Do not forget about fertilizers. In the initial stage of plant growth, it is necessary to apply nitrogen fertilizers for the better development of the root system. With adequate nutrition, the roots will grow strong and healthy.

However, be cautious—carrots do not require excessive fertilization in spring. If overfed too frequently and excessively, the lateral roots may start growing together, resulting in small carrots due to insufficient space for development.

Once you observe that the first leaves are adequately elongated and developed, you can introduce phosphorus and potassium.

The following solution will also be beneficial:

  • 10 liters of water
  • 1 liter of wood ash
  • 1 tbsp of urea.

Mix all the ingredients and apply as fertilizer.

In July, gardeners do not recommend fertilizing carrots with nitrogen fertilizers.

By the way, wheatgrass takes root deep into the soil and saps the vitality of garden crops. You can manage without chemical herbicides in the fight against wheatgrass.

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