Tiramisu in 10 minutes: a dessert without baking, raw eggs, sugar and alcohol

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Tiramisu recipe
Tiramisu recipe

One of the most delicious desserts is tiramisu, which is based on cookies and delicate cream. It is worth noting that the dessert can also be made without coffee, replacing it with syrup of sugar and water, for example.

Cookie Tiramisu

Culina Albina shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious tiramisu dessert in 10 minutes that you can make very easily.

Dessert recipe


  • Savoyardi cookies
  • coffee - 300 ml
  • 33% cream - 300 ml
  • ricotta/mascarpone 500 g
  • powdered sugar - 100g

Method of preparation:

1. Whisk the cold cream until it peaks, add the powdered sugar and cheese, and mix until smooth.

Dessert Cream

2. Brew and cool the coffee, soak the cookies in the coffee.

Savoyardi for tiramisu

3. Assemble the dessert in layers: cookies and coffee, cream and so on until the ingredients run out.

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4. Sprinkle the cocoa on top of the dessert. Leave the tiramisu in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 hours, ideally overnight.

Cooked tiramisu with cocoa

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