Time to make a wish: tarot horoscope for January 11, 2024

Your success is in your hands, the tarot cards convince you

The birth of a new moon every four weeks is a time to start new businesses or conceive of projects. This moment activates, charges with fresh energy, and gives you a blank page on which to write a new chapter of your life. Especially now, at the beginning of the new year.

The new moon on January 11 will be in the sign of Capricorn. This means that representatives of all zodiac signs should now pay attention to their career field, vocation, responsibility, values, and rewards. Find out what career advice the Tarot cards give to your zodiac sign on this magical day.

Aries - Page of Coins

Your career goal for 2024 is education, retraining, training, advanced training, maybe even teaching. The Page of Coins is a student card among the Tarot cards. It promises that your path to success lies through new knowledge. It doesn't matter if you acquire it or share your experience with others. We all need to constantly improve our skills and hone our talents. To stay at the forefront of your field, immerse yourself in learning and you will be rewarded.

Taurus - King of Wands

Your card advises you to seek a promotion this year, to take on a leadership role that you feel passionate and inspired about. Be a role model for others in something you are already successful and comfortable with. You have all the necessary skills and experience, as well as interest and passion for your work. Take risks, be brave, demand respect for yourself and be rewarded for your work. Success is ahead.

Gemini - Justice

This year you must do the right thing, in accordance with ethics and morality. You must feel that what you do for a living has a positive meaning. This may mean rethinking your approach to your current role and even starting a completely new career. With the latter, it's important to do this before October to avoid sudden pressure or haste. You should get moral satisfaction from your work - be guided by this consideration.

Cancer - Ten of Coins

It's time to maximize your income and build a financial cushion. Don't forget that money is also very important. And if you devote a lot of time to work, then the reward should be appropriate. A dozen coins asks you to look ahead 10 years. What are your potential earnings where you are now? How can you maximize them? Do you need to change anything - retrain, find a new job, expand, or adapt? Make big plans.

Leo - the Star

This is a good year to find your dream job. You are ready for it. The Star will bring you the full energy of fulfillment in 2024, starting in February. You can realize all your career desires and dreams. And the higher your goal is, the better the result will be. You need to believe in yourself and take a bold step. So don't hold back. What would you do if you were sure that you would definitely avoid failure? Do exactly that.

Virgo - Empress

You should feel like you're on vacation at work. You need to be in the flow and realize your full potential. Allow your emotions and feelings to help you achieve your career goals and dreams. Do what you are passionate about. Your diligence and abilities will help you succeed in everything you put your mind to.

Libra - Seven of Cups

Work on your creativity and inspiration this year. The Seven of Cups is the card of imagination. All that can limit you now is your own mind. And your mind is inquisitive and sharp. Do not extinguish your own fire with unnecessary doubts. Don't pour cold water on your hot ideas. Don't ignore your fantasies and dreams about the future of your career.

Scorpio - Nine of Swords

You probably feel that your work has become stressful, tense, and unpleasant. And now you want to recalibrate or even retrain and try yourself elsewhere. You need a job that brings you satisfaction and peace. Perhaps, in fact, it is literally a search for a form of healing. Look into professions that help other people feel better - massage, social work, teaching, counseling, therapy, etc. You can be of great service.

Sagittarius - Death

Your career goal for this year is a complete transformation. Death is a very powerful card that speaks of changes from top to bottom, inside and out. You are a rich, happy, positive person and want more from your life. You are ready to make big and long-term changes to achieve your dreams. But get ready for the fact that these changes will come through a major upheaval. It will be followed by a process of evolution that will probably last until November, when it will be fully completed. Be patient and don't give up.

Capricorn - Emperor

You need to take back control and power over your work, rewards, trajectory, potential, and future. You want to be the boss, to direct people, to control processes. You can achieve this by reorganizing your tasks and the dynamics of relationships in your team. Other ways are through promotion, freelancing, or self-employment. The Emperor encourages you to take matters into your own hands.

Aquarius - Moon

You have to finally understand yourself. What do you really want? What do you no longer want? What can't you understand and what is being hidden from you? What deep fears and hopes are affecting you? Try to get to the bottom of it. Ideally by March. And then act accordingly on your new level of understanding. Wisdom comes from awareness.

Pisces - Nine of Cups

It's time to turn your old fantasy into reality. It can be something bizarre, imaginative, creative. Maybe it's a permanent position, maybe a part-time job, maybe a special project, maybe even a study. It's all about you and your sincere desires. You can finally see the path to realizing your dreams. In your career, be guided by your hopes, and success will come.

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