Three zodiac signs that are prone to narcissism are named: they can ruin relationships with others

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Zodiac signs prone to narcissism

Narcissistic people care only about themselves. They are fixated on their personality and only care about their own feelings.

Celebrity experts from Grazia magazine have identified three zodiac signs that are prone to narcissism. They can easily ruin relationships with others.


The natives of this zodiac sign are skillful manipulators who often criticize others to make themselves seem better than they are. Geminis are characterized by a mercurial nature, and even if they say something good, they may think something completely different. They care about their own feelings the most and are ready to do anything to achieve their goals.


People of this sign do not forgive criticism and comments. Leos always try to be the center of attention, to be praised and have their achievements recognized. A person who, in their opinion, does not appreciate the achievements of Leos, will become their enemy. They can easily quarrel over a trifle and stop communicating forever.


Pisces seems kind and very emotional, but this "mask" hides narcissism. The natives of this sign take care of themselves first and foremost, which can be a problem in building a loving relationship and starting a family. Pisces are selfish and can easily ruin relationships even with loved ones.

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