Three perfect plants for the kitchen: they look and smell beautiful

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What plants to put in the kitchen

Houseplants are an easy way to update the aesthetics of your home. Studies have shown that some flowers can even reduce stress, improve air quality, and cleanse the room of harmful toxins.

However, the question arises: is it worth putting plants in the kitchen, given the special conditions, high humidity, and high temperatures during cooking? Experts told us which flowerpots can be placed in the kitchen without harming the plants.

Top 3 plants for the kitchen


These exotic beauties will be a great addition to any room. They are available in different colors and fragrances, so everyone will find something for themselves. The Cymbidium Golden Elf variety has a pronounced lemon scent. It is ideal for kitchens because it grows well in warm conditions. These flowers are surprisingly easy to care for as they do not require daily watering. Experts advise filling the kitchen sink with cold water a few centimeters deep once a week and placing the orchid inside for about 30 minutes.


The delicate, sweet floral scent of jasmine will add a touch of elegance and luxury to your kitchen. There are several varieties that can grow well at home, for example, Arabian jasmine blooms most of the year. Jasmine prefers a sunny but humid environment. Place the container near a window, moisten the soil in time, and feed it with an all-purpose fertilizer for indoor plants in spring and summer. And when the plant takes root and blooms, you can even try making natural jasmine tea.


Basil is an unpretentious, aromatic herb that tastes great in a variety of salads, pizzas, pasta, and other dishes. You can choose a variety according to your preferences, but experts advise you to try red rubin basil as it has a more pronounced taste and its unusual reddish-purple color will add bright accents to the kitchen.

Plants that can be used in cooking

You can also plant mint on the windowsills as it has a pronounced fresh aroma and will be a great addition to dishes and drinks. This plant is very unpretentious in cultivation: regular watering and the absence of drafts are enough.

Rosemary is another great unpretentious plant for the kitchen. It can be used in cooking. For example, a classic combination is with poultry. The recipe for perfectly roasted chicken is simple: just cut a lemon in half and insert it inside a whole chicken with rosemary sprigs.

Thyme is a richly flavored herb. The plant prefers well-drained soils, so don't worry about over-watering. Thyme does not require special care and will grow well even on a cool windowsill.

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