This is something everyone should know: how to safely use a generator and a gas burner

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Gas and electrical equipment are a source of danger and require careful handling

Massive power and heating outages in Ukraine, resulting from Russian shelling of critical infrastructure, have compelled our fellow citizens to resort to alternative power sources. However, this has given rise to a new set of issues - an increased risk of fires and potential dangers associated with the release of lethal carbon monoxide.

The Kyiv Regional Military Administration has called on citizens to adhere to safety guidelines when operating electric generators, gas burners, and similar equipment. Kyiv Regional Military Administration has also explained the necessary precautions. To view the infographic, scroll to the end of the news story.

Ensure the safety of your equipment

Citizens are urged to purchase only certified equipment from licensed outlets. It is crucial to strictly adhere to all the requirements outlined in the manual. This ensures that your generator or burner has undergone safety testing and can receive warranty service if needed.

Avoid keeping fuel generators indoors

Fuel generators can emit colorless and odorless carbon monoxide, which is invisible but deadly. Therefore, this equipment should be used outdoors, maintaining a distance of at least 6 meters from windows, doors, and other openings that could allow combustion byproducts to enter the room.

Keep generators dry

Keeping the generator dry is paramount as it produces electricity and becomes hazardous when wet. Touching a wet generator can result in a severe electric shock.

Allow the generator to cool down

Fuel generators operate on flammable liquids, so it's crucial to let the device cool down before refueling. Spilling fuel on a hot generator can lead to a fire.

Ventilate the room

To eliminate carbon monoxide or smoke, simple ventilation is effective. Therefore, when using the generator, open windows periodically to allow fresh air in. Ensure the generator is turned off during this process.

Check gas cylinders for integrity

A depressurized gas cylinder poses a significant fire and explosion hazard. Always check the cylinder for integrity and shut off the gas supply when not in use.

Ensure proper ventilation

Using gas cylinders in unventilated areas is dangerous due to the accumulation of combustion products, including carbon monoxide, and the high risk of explosion in case of depressurization. Therefore, use such devices only in well-ventilated areas.

Protect the cylinder from sunlight and other heat sources

Heating the cylinder can lead to gas expansion and, consequently, an explosion. Cases of this nature have already been recorded in Kyiv and the region. Therefore, it's crucial to store the gas container where it won't heat up - shield it from sunlight, avoid placing it near heating appliances, and refrain from transitioning the cylinder rapidly from cold to warm environments.


This is something everyone should know: how to safely use a generator and a gas burner

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