They can see through: which zodiac signs are the best at "reading" people

Libra and Scorpio are often called living lie detectors

Intuition is one of the most mysterious human traits. No one knows what exactly whispers the right decision and how, but people with developed intuition are able to make the right choice, find the right approach to anyone and avoid various dangers.

Astrologers say that the zodiac sign under which a person was born has a significant impact. Thus, representatives of the two signs are particularly effective in "reading" other people. They can see through the emotional state of their loved ones and more, but they are also very sensitive to lies and manipulations.


Those born in the season of Libra are able to see not only individuals, but also understand the situation in general - they read the atmosphere in the team and feel hidden conflicts. They do not tolerate injustice and dishonor. In communication, representatives of the sign are usually tactful and diplomatic and will try to maintain harmony and mutual understanding to the last.

Libra is ruled by the planet of love Venus, which encourages them to take care of the emotional atmosphere. Therefore, they are good at playing the role of an independent arbiter in difficult situations. Those born under this sign are able to reconcile and bring to negotiations even the most fierce conflicts that would never shake hands on their own.


Scorpios are often said to be short-tempered and hasty. But the truth is that they are rarely mistaken in their first impression and are well aware of this. Like any other water sign, they can easily read hidden information and do not allow themselves to be misled. It is impossible to hide any secrets from them, so only the most open and honest people remain close to Scorpios.

Instead, the representatives of the sign respond with a sincere interest in their loved ones. They carefully observe people and come to the right conclusions based on the small details that others do not pay attention to. Therefore, you shouldn't try to deceive Scorpio or hide anything from him if you want to build any strong relationship with him.

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