There is a serious danger: where not to apply perfume in winter, spring and summer

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How to use perfume correctly

High-quality perfumes can impress others and effectively complement your look. However, you should be careful when applying a fragrant liquid - it's easy to overdo it, and an overly pronounced smell can provoke headaches.

In winter, there is another danger - the alcohol contained in eau de parfum dries out the skin and hair. Read the OBOZ.UA article to find out where you shouldn't wear perfume in winter, spring, and summer.

"Winter" perfumes

The debate over how to apply perfume correctly still rages on. Of course, no one can forbid putting a few drops on your hair, fur coat, or even a down jacket. Experts warn: the perfumed liquid contains alcohol, which dries out hair, skin, and fur - if you do decide to freshen up your coat after the closet. For hair, it is better to use special mists. Mist in English means a light mist, and the name conveys the essence of the cosmetic product. These aerosol products are usually available in spray format and are applied by spraying on the hair.

If you wear natural fur, please note that factories treat it with special chemicals that can react with alcohol. As a result, the fur can be damaged and discolored.

Perfume in the warm season

Perfumes are schematically divided into "winter" and "summer". In the warm season, you should not use the same fragrances that "warmed" you in the winter.

There is a serious danger: where not to apply perfume in winter, spring and summer

"Winter" perfumes have a more pronounced sillage, which will be too heavy in summer. With the arrival of spring, it is better to switch to more floral and fresh fragrances with notes of citrus and greenery.

Remember that perfume should be applied only to cleansed skin and is best done immediately after a shower. By the way, gels and lotions can mix with perfume, so it is better to give preference to delicate shower products without a bright fragrance.

In the warm season, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of liquid on the skin. It is enough to press the dispenser, create a light cloud in the air, and enter it.

In the summer, it is better not to apply perfume to areas that sweat quickly: wrists, knee and elbow bends, neck. There is a risk of a strong distortion of the fragrance. Cooler parts of the body are more suitable: shoulders, collarbones, shoulder blades.

Improper use of perfumes can lead not only to headaches but also to skin irritation, including allergic reactions.

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