The worst room in the apartment for storing perfumes is named

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If you keep your fragrances in the bathroom, find a better place for them

While clothes and makeup create a look, perfume sets the mood. However, nothing spoils this mood like a change in your favorite scent. This can happen due to improper storage of perfumes. Experts have named the room in the house that is the worst suited for this.

According to Sante Plus, many people keep their fragrance collection in the bathroom, making a huge mistake. This spoils the expensive product and can even make it dangerous.

Why you should not keep perfume in the bathroom

As expert Rachel House explains, the place where you keep your favorite bottles affects the durability and quality of the scent. They are better stored in a room with a constant temperature - not cold and not too hot - and medium humidity.

In the bathroom, on the other hand, temperature swings are occurring constantly. When you take a shower or bath, the temperature in the room rises significantly. At the same time, the humidity reaches its maximum. All this leads to the fact that the aromatic molecules of perfumes are destroyed or change their properties. The least unfortunate thing that can happen to them is a loss of stability. Spoiled perfumes can also cause allergies and skin irritation.

Where to store favorite fragrances

Look for a place in your home that is relatively cool and dry enough, where the temperature and humidity do not fluctuate, and is out of direct sunlight. This is the right place to store your perfume. It can be a dressing table, a shelf in a wardrobe or dressing room, or even a drawer in the hallway. In this case, your fragrances will not spoil and will delight you for a long time.

A little advice from an expert

To make the scent last as long as possible, Rachel House advises that before applying perfume to your skin, you should apply a moisturizer to the area. She also urges you to forget about the habit of rubbing a drop of fragrance on your wrist forever. This gesture can lead to the destruction of chemicals and the loss of top notes from the scent pyramid.

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