The weirdest laws around the world that shock tourists

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If you think that most countries have very similar laws, you are absolutely right. But there are some prohibitions that locals are often unaware of. Sometimes such regulations are many decades old and have long lost relevance, and they are not repealed just because it is a waste of time. Read the funniest rules of different countries in a selection of OBOZREVATEL.


Those who went out in the street smeared with shoe polish are at risk of arrest. Also, it is not advisable to appear among people on Sunday in pink shorts or pants.

In this country any witchcraft is forbidden, especially actions aimed at summoning rain.

Also in Australia, it is impossible to communicate, let alone interact, with pirates. For that, you can go to jail for 10 years.

Animals are treated with great reverence here. In particular, goats and dogs cannot be tied to vehicles or harnessed, which will result in a large fine.



In this warm country, unattractive women are not allowed to appear on the beaches without a swimsuit top. However, there is no explanation as to who and how determines the level of external beauty of female visitors to public areas.

It is also not advisable to rap in beach slippers here. Why exactly is unknown. But apparently, it causes irritation among the locals.

If you decide to brush your teeth with socks, think twice. You may be fined for it.


United Kingdom

Under no circumstances can a postage stamp depicting royalty be affixed upside down here, it is considered high treason.

It is forbidden to come to the House of Parliament in knight's armor. Also do not even think about dying in this room, because you will be punished for it.

It is forbidden to pretend to be a "retired Chelsea resident." We honestly tried to understand the reason for this, but perhaps only the British can do it.

Also in the kingdom, there is a very interesting attitude to domestic violence. For example, men are strictly forbidden to beat their women after 9 pm, because it prevents the neighbors to rest in peace.

True, pregnant women here are a very reverent attitude. So they are allowed to go and urinate wherever they want (even into the helmet of a policeman).

It is no secret that sentiment does not like sentiment in this country. That is why there is a ban on goodbye kisses at the station.

And if the previous law is still understandable, then the next one has some questions. In the UK it is forbidden to graze cattle on the streets of towns and villages from 7 am to 10 pm unless you have a special permit.



In Missouri, people under the age of 21 are not allowed to walk down the street or go near a garbage can even with an empty liquor bottle. It will definitely result in a fine.

In Tennessee, authorities have absolutely seriously banned frogs from squawking after 11 p.m.

In California, they issue a special hunting permit to anyone who wants to hunt. Even if it is a "hunt" for ordinary mice and you just decide to install a small rodent trap at home.

In Texas, it is forbidden to milk or paint someone else's cow, on pain of a serious fine.

And in Michigan, you can be punished for throwing octopuses in public places.



In Brazil, here only "young women who are worth it" can come to the beaches in the nude. A very discriminatory law, which in fact everyone ignores.

To make it less offensive, men are also forbidden to come to the sea unclothed. The reason is described very bluntly: "The male anatomy can take on a vulgar appearance, even unintentionally."

Another "beach law" makes sandcastles on the island of Capri illegal. They allegedly interfere with vacationers' movement along the shore.

It is no secret that Italians are very fond of cheese, so its production here is taken super seriously. For example, they do not allow people of "bad origin or appearance" to be in the cheese factory.



Canada almost holds the record for interesting laws. For example, here you can't play snowballs without a permit from the city council.

It is also forbidden to pay in stores for goods worth more than 50 cents with one-cent coins.

After 12 noon on Sunday, it is not advisable to wear pink pants (why is everyone so disliked about them?).

Every 20 songs on any local radio station must be sung by a Canadian.

The houses here can be painted any way you want, but you should not use more than 2 colors.

There is even an ordinance controlling the amount of water in the bathtub. If you exceed the norm of 10 cm you can get a fine. Of course, provided that you get caught by law enforcement officers.

Yellow margarine cannot be sold in stores.

Toronto has a law against dragging a dead horse down Yonge Street on Sunday. On other days, apparently, it won't raise any questions.



The Chinese have no right to look at the naked legs of clothed women. You can go to jail for that.

If you see a drowning person here, it is forbidden to save him. It is considered a rude interference in the fate of the victim.

Because of the large population, the authorities are trying to curb the birth rate in any way they can. For example, women who already have two sons are forced to be sterilized.

But colleges are only available to "bright young people" here. Others are forbidden to study.


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