The three of the most toxic zodiac signs are named: they are manipulative and often have bad intentions

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Toxic zodiac signs

There is no perfect person who has only positive traits. However, some negative traits make it difficult to build relationships.

Lebonbon celebrity experts have identified three "most toxic" zodiac signs. They manipulate people and often have bad intentions.


Vulnerable Scorpios seek revenge and are capable of destroying the enemy's life. They cannot forgive an insult and nothing can stop them. They will take great pleasure in revenge.


Natives of this sign always want to be right and feel superior. In addition, they do not hesitate to humiliate others to assert themselves. Leos tend to exert unhealthy power over others in order to subdue them.


Talkative Gemini is able to adapt to situations and people. Their words and feelings are not always sincere. They can pretend to be interested and have fun communicating with an opponent for personal gain.

Which zodiac signs are the kindest

Astrologers from Selecoes, in turn, named the kindest zodiac signs that will always come to the aid of those in trouble. They take care of their families and are ready to do anything to make their loved ones happy. Here's who made the list:

First place - Libra

Natives of this sign are under the patronage of the planet Venus, so they strive for harmonious relationships with everyone. They are very kind and ready to give the last to those who need help.

In love, they are very attentive and will always find time to make a pleasant surprise for their soulmate. They will not forget about their relatives. You can always count on Libra because they will not let you down.

Second place - Pisces

Known for their dreamy nature, Pisces do not like conflicts and see only the best in others, which is why they themselves can become a victim of deception. They are very kind, which is not always to their advantage.

Pisces can give good advice and help others without expecting to be thanked. The natives of this sign are good friends and can be trusted with secrets.

Third place - Cancer

The natives of this sign are very kind and quickly forget offenses; they do not know what revenge is. Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which symbolizes the connection between the material and the spiritual, so representatives of this sign take responsibility for their loved ones.

Cancers are very attentive to detail, and they know exactly how they can help their loved one. They will also not ignore strangers if they are in trouble.

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