The rarest breeds of dogs: their names few people know. Photo

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Brussels Griffon, Stabyhoun and Wolfspitz

The world rating of the most popular dog breeds is invariably topped by German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Beagles. In addition to the above, Ukrainians also prefer Jack Russell Terriers, Pugs, French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas.

However, there are breeds that in recent years are considered rare. You can hardly see them on the sites, they are not too popular among buyers, and it is quite difficult to find kennels with representatives of these breeds. Although these dogs are very cute and friendly. OBOZREVATEL selected the top of the rarest dogs.


Cute, playful and fluffy spitzes will leave very few people indifferent. But even among them there are "outsiders" in the rating of popularity. We are talking about wolfspitzes. These are intelligent dogs, excellent companions and excellent guards. The ancestors of the Wolfspitz are Danish barge dogs, which sailed with sailors, exterminating rats on ships.


Griffon Bruxellois

Good, affectionate, obedient and a little funny griffins are also not very popular. And for good reason - they are very sociable and affectionate dogs who adore their owners. Griffons originated as a cross between a pug, a spaniel, and a Brussels spaniel.



This breed was bred in Japan as a subspecies of hunting dogs. Since ancient times, the Kai has been used to hunt large animals such as deer or wild boar. However, even in its homeland, the breed is considered rare.



Another rare representative of hunting breeds. For a long time in the Netherlands, these dogs have been kept by peasants near their homes. Nowadays Stabyhouns are bred very rarely and only for hunting.


Norwegian Lundehund

For a long time, the inhabitants of Norway have used these dogs for unusual hunting - catching seabirds on the northern coasts. It is a very hardy breed. Lundehunds have a specific body structure and can climb rocks, caves and crawl into burrows.



A unique Korean dog. There is a version (not necessarily true) that they were allegedly bred from a cross between a wolf, a tiger and a dog. They are, by the way, quite aggressive dogs, which is probably why they are not too popular.



The Pumi came from a cross between sheepdogs, slugs and terriers. This breed is not very popular in the world, but in Hungary the Pumi is recognized as the national pride of the country.



Guardian, hunter and just a faithful azawak are not popular either. The Azawak comes from the Sahara, where it has long been the companion of nomads.


Bergamo Shepherd

Appearances are deceptive. Massive and shaggy giants are in fact good-natured and unpretentious good fellows. From time immemorial, Bergamons have been used as shepherds. The hair of dogs requires gentle care, and in a city apartment it will be cramped.


Turkish Pointer

A characteristic feature is the unusual split nose. This hunting breed was bred in Turkey. They begin to hunt at an early age. They are loyal and obedient dogs, needing long walks.


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