The occupants attacked Kyiv with cruise missiles and drones: air defense forces destroyed more than 40 aerial targets. Photo

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Russia launched its 15th air attack on Kyiv in May

Sky defenders shot down more than 40 Russian air targets as they approached Kyiv on the night of May 29, preventing strikes. We are talking about cruise missiles and kamikaze drones that the military of the aggressor country combined to launch toward the city from different directions.

It was the 15th since the beginning of May and, as of Monday morning, the second massive Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital in the last 18 hours. The head of the Kyiv city military administration, Sergiy Popko, told Telegram about its reflection and aftermath (scroll to the end of the news to view the photo)

"Rusc*sts terrorists are trying with all their might to carry out the defeat of key targets for themselves and at the same time deplete the resources of our air defense. Also with these constant attacks, the enemy seeks to keep the civilian population in deep psychological tension," he stressed.

According to him, on Monday night the occupiers once again used drones - tentatively, Iranian-made Shahed-136/131. And almost simultaneously with the attack by the Shaheds, Russian TU-95MS cruise missiles, probably X-101/555, were launched from the Caspian Sea area.


"Therefore, the attack on the capital was combined, from different directions. In total, our air defense forces detected and destroyed more than 40 air targets. No strikes on Kyiv were allowed! Thanks to the air defense for their excellent work!" - Popko stated.

He added that as a result of the fall of debris from downed missiles and drones in the Podolsk district of the capital, the roof of an apartment building was punctured, without casualties. There was no information about casualties as of this morning.


"Operational data is being updated and refined. Stay tuned for new reports. I remind you of important things - don't skimp on the air defense work. By doing so, you will keep our air defense soldiers safe and, consequently, your lives," summed up the chief of Kyiv city military administration.


Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko also thanked the air defense forces for their filigree work during another difficult night for the capital. He stressed that there were no casualties due to the Russian massive attack on the city.

"Thanks to the professionalism of our defenders, as a result of the air attack of the barbarians in Kiev there was no damage, destruction of infrastructure and other facilities, apartment blocks. There are no casualties or dead. The orcs are raging, we are standing! We believe in the AFU! We respect our defenders!" - wrote the mayor.


The head of the Kyiv region police Andriy Nebytov noted that in the region the air alert lasted from 00:31 to 05:00 on Monday.

Thanks to the Air Defense Forces, enemy targets were destroyed. The attack damaged residential buildings and infrastructure in several districts of Kyiv region.



In particular, as a result of a night attack of the enemy in one of the regions about 03:29 the building of a dacha cooperative was caught on fire, it was promptly eliminated by rescuers. There were no fatalities or casualties.



"Police in Kyiv region continue to locate places of falling debris of enemy air objects and record the consequences of the night attack. Thanks to the air defense forces for their effective work," he noted.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on the night of May 28 in the airspace of Kyiv, the defenders destroyed more than 40 "Shaheds". Due to the fall of drone debris there was destruction in several areas of the capital, there are also casualties and victims.

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