The most gross mistakes at a funeral: how not to behave

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The mourning etiquette begins to operate from the moment of death

To avoid getting into an awkward situation at a funeral, you should not film what is happening on your phone or wear inappropriate outfits. You need to prepare for a sad event if you have time for it.

The Bestlifeonline portal shared its advice. It is noted that it is necessary to think about your outfit, accessories, prepare phrases to be said in advance, and it is better to postpone all business meetings and negotiations on the day of mourning.

In particular, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and etiquette expert Mika Meyer advises not to abuse phone calls on such a sad day. The expert emphasized that this should remain prohibited at a funeral.

"Given that you are here to honor the memory of the deceased, the funeral should also be a no-phone zone. Talking on the phone during the service is one of the most disrespectful things to do at a funeral," she said.

Meyer noted that while attending a funeral or wake, one should pay maximum attention to what is happening.

"Turn off the sound on your phone, turn off your phone, or even just leave it at home or in the car," suggested Daniel Post Senning, author and representative of the Emily Post Institute.

In turn, Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert and founder of the Texas School of Protocol, noted that taking photos at a funeral would also be unethical.

"Sometimes it's appropriate to capture the moment, and sometimes it's not," said Gottsman.

She agreed that the smartphone era has made it "a habit to capture the moment and post it on social media." However, the expert emphasized that funerals are not the case. The only exception may be the family's permission.

The experts also advised to pay attention to the clothes you can wear to the ceremony. In this case, you should avoid bright clothes and floral prints.

"You should make sure you dress respectfully, especially if the ceremony is held in a religious institution such as a church," said Marian Parker, founder of Manor of Manners.

She also noted that different cultures have different rules, so you should definitely consult with the family of the deceased before attending.

But the main rule, experts noted, is to pay attention to the family of the deceased - to express condolences, ask if the relatives need help, and not to burden them with your memories of the deceased, as well as not to take too much time. It is not customary to talk about anything other than the sad event during the ceremonies.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, experts told what not to say at a funeral and wedding.

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