Harvest will be twice as big: what to plant next to grapes

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What to plant next to grapes

The owners are trying to provide suitable conditions for the growth and development of grapes to get a plentiful harvest and juicy berries. This is influenced not only by fertilization, watering, location, soil, or temperature but also by the right "neighborhood".

OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of plants that have a positive effect on grapes. You can diversify your garden with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Plants that should be planted near grapes:

  • celandine
  • aster
  • phloxes
  • pansies
  • alfalfa
  • forget-me-not;
  • hyacinth;
  • poppy;
  • rose.

By the way, pay special attention to the rose. This flower has the same diseases as grapes, but the signs appear faster on it, so you can treat the crop in time to protect it from the disease.


  • Peas, beans – enrich the soil with nitrogen, which is important for the growth of grapes.
  • Garlic, onions – a pungent aroma repels pests.
  • Tomatoes, beets, radishes, cucumbers – you can plant these vegetables only when the grapes are already "grown". Because the shade from the seedlings can interfere with sunlight.

Cereal crops:

  • wheat
  • rye
  • oats.


  • mustard;
  • chard;
  • spinach
  • sorrel
  • dill;
  • lettuce.

Avoid planting the following crops next to grapes: corn, sunflower, pepper, potatoes, celery, eggplant, strawberries, and strawberries. Such a neighborhood will negatively affect the growth and development of all plants and you will not get a good harvest.

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