The cheapest way to update your Christmas decor: a simple life hack from TikTok

Yulia PoteriankoLife
To decorate the Christmas tree in a new way, you don't have to buy new ornaments

Many families are accustomed to renewing their Christmas tree decorations every time they celebrate the New Year. Unfortunately, not all Ukrainians will be able to afford it this Christmas season.

But there's no need to be upset. There is a way to make a new festive set out of old decor, including incomplete and mismatched ones. It was demonstrated on TikTok by createdbyandi, an account dedicated to creating home decor on your own. To watch the video, scroll down to the end of the news story.

All you need to create your own collection are old Christmas tree bubbles with removable tops, regular-sized balloons, scissors, and any decorative elements your heart desires: rhinestones, stickers, bows, beads, ribbons, etc.

First, remove the top of the Christmas tree bubble from the loop to which it is attached. Then cut off the balloon's mouthpiece (the thickening on the side where it is to be blown up). Carefully wrap the decoration in the balloon and reattach the top. The base for creativity is ready. Now you can decorate it: glue rhinestones and beads or decorate with ribbons, bows or sprinkles.

The advantage of this decor is that after the holidays, the balloons can be removed and the Christmas decorations can be returned to their original appearance. You can even make something completely new out of them next winter.

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