The best Mother's Day gifts: top ideas to show your love

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Mother's Day is a bright spring holiday that Ukrainians celebrate on the second Sunday in May. If possible, on this day you should get together at the family table and please your mother with a nice gift.

Of course, you do not need to wait for a special occasion to express love, gratitude and respect to the dearest person. But it is always nice to give a little surprise, especially on such a wonderful holiday. OBOZREVATEL selected the top ideas of gifts to congratulate your mother with.

Handmade surprise

What could be better than the continuation of a cute childhood tradition - to give a handmade gift to mom? Such displays of attention are especially touching and valuable. If you have talents in needlework, you can come up with a gift in the form of embroidery, knitted items, a beautiful painting, a floral arrangement or a delicious cake.

Pleasant memories

You can present a photo album, placing in it bright shots with the most precious moments of life. Such a gift is always relevant and appropriate. There is also an option with a certificate for a photo session.

Author's thing

Very popular today are "personal" gifts. You can order a cup, T-shirt, robe, blouse and other accessories with the initials of your mom or with important words.

Cosmetics set

Cosmetics is a universal gift. The choice is unlimited - from gift sets to decorative cosmetics: mascara, lipstick and powder. You can buy mom her favorite perfume.

Active recreation

If your mom likes outdoor activities, you can give her a ticket to an event: an exhibition, a theater play, a concert, a movie premiere. It is best to get two tickets at once to spend time with the dearest person.

Cooking gifts

Kitchen appliances are always useful. There are many options: coffee maker, waffle maker, bread maker, blender, mixer, kettle, food processor, toaster, microwave, multicooker.

A tasty present

An interesting idea is to put together your own gift basket of mom's favorite sweets or treats. You can supplement the basket with coffee or tea, cosmetics and fruit.


The perfect gift would be a book - of course, if your mom loves to read. You can choose a time-tested book by a classic author, or you can experiment with modernist prose - it all depends on your preferences.


Another universal gift. A certificate to your favorite store or spa treatments will be a great and useful gift.

Holiday bouquet

Flowers - the indispensable attribute of a holiday. Treat your mom to a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a beautiful potted plant.

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