Sprouts will be huge and won't crack: How often should we water cabbage

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Watering cabbage

One of the basic rules for growing cabbage is that it needs regular watering. But do not pour too much water either - in case of too much moisture, the cabbage cabbage may crack.

Pouring water haphazardly, you can harm the crop. The cabbage can stop growing or vice versa will quickly increase in size, and as a result, just burst. OBOZREVATEL looked at what watering schedule would be optimal.

Watering schedule should be adjusted depending on weather conditions. For example, in July, cabbage is watered once every 2 days. The watering should be abundant - per bush will need about 5 liters of water.

If the temperature is not too high, there are overcast days and occasional rain - watering is reduced to once a week.

After a heavy downpour or prolonged rains, of course, it is not necessary to water the cabbage additionally.

Experienced gardeners say: if you for some reason for a long time did not have the opportunity to water the beds, do not immediately pour under each bush twice the daily norm of water. Moisture should be supplied in standard portions, in no case do not flood the bushes, otherwise the cabbage after a long drought will sharply go into growth and begin to crack.

By the way, when planting cabbage, the rules of crop rotation should be observed. For example, it is better not to plant cabbage on the bed, where potatoes grew last year. The fact is that the latter takes all the nutrients from the soil, so that the cabbage can not save even high-quality fertilizers. Also do not plant cabbage in beds, where last year other varieties of this crop, particularly cauliflower, Brussels, Beijing cabbage and broccoli were grown. Read about the full list of correct crop rotation in the article.

Also OBOZREVATEL told what to treat cabbage to avoid holes on the leaves.

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