Spring rain and temperatures up to +19: what the weather in Ukraine will be like on Sunday

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What the weather will be like in the coming days

On March 26, the weather in Ukraine is expected to be cloudy and clear, with light rainfall. At night in the eastern regions, there may be no precipitation, and in the daytime, in some places, light rain.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center. On March 28, a significant cold snap is a forecast.

On March 26, Sunday, light rain is expected in the capital. At the same time, the air temperature during the day will remain within +11...+13, and at night - +7...+9.

From the beginning of next week, on March 27, rainy weather is expected to prevail. This will especially affect the Carpathian region and the Left Bank.

During the day, the temperature is expected to be in the range of +2...+7, at night - 0...+5 in the central and eastern regions, and the western regions - +12...+17 during the day, and +7...+12 at night.

The weather on March 27 in Kyiv and the region is without precipitation. The temperature in the capital region will be +2...+4 at night and +14...+16 during the day.

Starting on Tuesday, March 28, there may be a significant temperature drop. According to weather forecasters, in the western part, there will be sleet, ice on the roads; the temperature at night will be -5...0, during the day -2...+3.

In the eastern regions, there will be no precipitation at night, rain during the day, the temperature at night +2...+7, during the day +12...+17.

In the rest of the country, rain with a transition to sleet, in some places heavy precipitation.

On March 29-30, cool weather with precipitation in the form of rain and snow will remain in Ukraine. On March 29, moderate wet snow is forecast on the Left Bank and the Carpathian region, while light precipitation is expected in the rest of the country. Light sleet and rain are expected throughout the country during the day.

On March 30, at night in the western and northern regions, during the day in Ukraine, there will be light snow, with rain during the day, in the southern part, in the Carpathian and Transcarpathian regions - mostly light rain.

Also, OBOZREVATEL wrote that according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the European Center for Medium-Range Forecasts, the spring in Ukraine would be warmThe average air temperature may be 1-2 degrees higher than in previous years.

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