Spiders' favorite places in your home are named: how to get rid of unwanted "neighbors"

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Spiders like moisture

Although spiders living in human homes usually do not pose any danger, it is still difficult to call such a neighborhood pleasant. The reason for this, in particular, is the widespread irrational fear of these creatures - arachnophobia.

However, according to The Sun, it is possible to protect yourself from spiders in your home if you follow the advice developed by pest control experts. They have studied the habits of spiders well and are ready to share their life hacks.

Wet towels in the bathtub

Like all living things, spiders absolutely need moisture. And most of all, they like it in the state when some things are saturated with it - for example, moss in nature, and towels can fulfill this role in the house.

In addition, wet towels also attract mosquitoes, flies, ants, crickets, and cockroaches - that is, insects that spiders feed on. According to pest control expert Ron Hodgkins, these arthropods weave webs around areas of high humidity because it attracts insects and provides spiders with both food and water. It is very convenient to have everything at once.

Another reason to remove wet towels from the bathtub is that spiders seek shelter during the winter months, and a wet item left behind can provide them with the shelter they need. Therefore, towels that are in use should be hung up to dry, and dirty towels should be quickly washed, dried and hidden in a closet to prevent spiders from getting hold of them.

Places where a lot of dust collects

Everything is simple here. The places where you rarely look are the most peaceful for spiders. How can you tell if a place is one you mostly avoid? By the layer of dust. So don't be lazy and wipe the corners - spiders don't like being disturbed.

Plants in the bathroom

Many of the insects that spiders like to eat eat plants. So it is logical that it is beneficial to hunt them in green areas. That's why a flowerpot that makes your bathroom look like a chic spa can also serve as a good hunting ground for an unwanted eight-legged neighbor. Therefore, it is better to move the plant somewhere else.

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