Special month: Chinese horoscope for January for all signs

January promises to be a busy month

January 2024 will be a special month in Chinese astrology. According to the I Ching, this month, the Heaven Above the Wind hexagram (#44) will be replaced by the Heaven Above the Sky hexagram (#1). You will think that everything is going on as usual until you look back and see how much you have changed because of the people, places, books, music, videos, and everything else around you.

The next few weeks can amplify that impact if you choose the right mentors and gain valuable knowledge. And do it all on the right dates. Next, find out the forecast of positive days in love, friendship, and career for all Chinese horoscope signs, compiled by professional astrologers.


  • Love: January 13
  • Friendship: January 17 and 18
  • Career: January 23

In January, you need to be careful about your lifestyle. Don't give in to the same bad habits as in 2023. And don't be impulsive. Practice regular grounding exercises such as meditation, gratitude journaling, or breathing exercises. At least once a week, take a day exclusively for yourself. Use this time to listen to your inner voice and take into account new changes and new dilemmas. This will set you up for success.


  • Love: January 1
  • Friendship: January 5
  • Career: January 9

Embrace your passion and ambition. Don't back down just because someone seems stronger or more experienced than you. If you're challenged, accept it and join the fight. You deserve more than you think you do. Your opponents know it too. Develop your critical thinking and strategic vision to achieve what you want.


  • Love: January 3 and 4
  • Friendship: January 6
  • Career: January 29

This month, the cosmic forces are giving you a blank slate to write whatever you want on. You can write on it what you want to change about yourself, your habits, or your life. But don't forget about your own priorities while you're making this important decision, so you don't regret wasting this period on someone else's thoughts or dreams. In the near future, you can expect powerful changes in your personal life. But don't ignore red flags and intuitive signals.


  • Love: January 25
  • Friendship: January 29
  • Career: January 31

Your year is coming to an end, so take advantage of the last few days of the universe's special favor to you. Now is the time to make important decisions and significant changes in your life. For example, it could be investing or starting a new career. Also, use this time to break bad habits. Show strength, discipline, and diligence and you will be greatly rewarded.


  • Love: January 3
  • Friendship: January 4
  • Career: January 9

Your year is on the cusp, so now is the time to start laying a solid foundation for it. Whether it's in your personal life, relationships, or career, be careful about your actions and decisions. Out of all your feelings, be guided by kindness. Even when making strategic decisions to achieve your goals. This is how you will stand out from the crowd of competitors in a truly extraordinary way.


  • Love: January 3
  • Friendship: January 7 and 8
  • Career: January 3.

In January, truths will be revealed to you. You may finally realize that it's time to break bad habits before it's too late. Or you may realize the importance of fighting for your place in the world and taking your chances before someone else ruins it for you. Don't get complacent now. The cosmic forces are trying to help you clear the obstacles in your path and move forward with all your might. Don't get in their way.


  • Love: January 5.
  • Friendship: January 23.
  • Career: January 27 and 28

January will be a month of kindness for you. Time spent with close and dear friends will bring you the most joy and personal growth. You may meet people whose stories will open your heart and fill it with a desire to make a greater contribution to your own and humanity's future. If you want to devote time to charitable giving, do so without hesitation. Let your heart guide you.


  • Love: January 23
  • Friendship: January 29
  • Career: January 25

Important discoveries await you. They may be related to your close relatives or the world at large, but you will have to keep your eyes open and see reality as it is. Fate is preparing something extraordinary for you. But in order to achieve it, you will have to go through a great shock. This time may seem very dark, but there is definitely a dawn ahead. Take this experience with calm and confidence, and you will know exactly what to do in the coming months.


  • Love: January 23
  • Friendship: January 22
  • Career: January 19

January will be largely focused on love and luck for you. So think about what's important to you in these areas. You may want to keep a diary this month. This way you will clearly see what kind of love relationships you want in your life and where you would most like luck to bless you. And it will become easy for you to direct your intentions in the right direction and bring them to life.


  • Love: January 18
  • Friendship: January 15
  • Career: January 28 and 29

A new phase of life begins for you, which is set to be an adventure of epic proportions. You may also notice that your influence is expanding and you can reach a wider group of people. Feel this empowerment. You are being called to tune into your deepest self and stay grounded while you have it. This will allow you to take your destiny into your own hands with strength, pride, and determination.


  • Love: January 16
  • Friendship: January 19
  • Career: January 23 and 25

You are currently in a kind of pause between two chapters of your story. Perhaps it's because you were hesitant to make changes at the end of last year. But the universe will soon take the reins. To get what you want, fulfill your responsibilities and move forward with your goals. Then you will be fine. Don't be afraid to break with the past, it will allow you to accelerate your progress.


  • Love: January 27
  • Friendship: January 29
  • Career: January 1

January will be a great month for you. You feel in control of almost all areas of your life. You may feel uncertain only in the area of romantic relationships. But you are advised to ignore this and act confidently. Take advantage of the good energy of the month to put your life in order. A good start always allows you to finish confidently. The stakes are very high now, especially if we take into account the whole of 2024.

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