SPA-resorts: the best resorts in the world for relaxation and recuperation

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The best health resorts in the world

The warm season is the best time to restore physical and mental health. Especially now, when each of us is experiencing severe stress and emotional strain every day. SPA-resorts, offering a full range of cosmetic and health-improving services for people of all ages, can help.

Vichy (France)

This French resort has been in operation for more than two centuries, and all this time it has been very popular among tourists. Previously, it specialized in recovery procedures, so people came to Vichy who wanted to cure various diseases: from heart problems or other organs to mental disorders.

Now the resort has partially changed the direction of activity and many SPA-hotels opened here. In the city you can find not only beauty salons or massage studios, but also stores with elite cosmetics, therapeutic mineral water, fitness products. In addition, there are medicinal springs and many wellness shops.


Cancun (Mexico)

Without a doubt, the best SPA-hotels in the world should be looked for here. The city of Cancun is located in a picturesque corner of Mexico on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. It is famed not only for its incredible beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rowdy parties, but also for its luxurious recovery centers offering various exotic procedures.

Most tourists remain enthralled by cactus rubbing. It is said to restore elasticity to the skin and eliminate age-related changes. In addition, in Cancun do massage with golf balls, which relaxes muscles and relieves stress.

And the city also has spa complexes for pets, where they are given treatments to improve skin and coat condition.


Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

This resort will appeal to both children and adults. Thanks to the mineral geothermal springs, which have a bright blue color, this place has become popular all over the world. Local waters have therapeutic properties, have a positive effect on the skin, help relieve stress and relax. In addition, the local air is very useful for people who have problems with the respiratory system.

Nearby the Blue Lagoon is located several settlements, offering tourists a wide range of SPA-procedures, for which they use produced here cosmetics based on mineral rocks from local springs.


Hammamet (Tunisia)

This resort is considered the largest and most popular in Tunisia. Hammamet is a very beautiful city, surrounded on one side by endless gardens with different citrus trees, and on the other side by the Mediterranean Sea. However, people come here not only for the beautiful beaches.

On the territory of the city there are many SPA complexes, offering a variety of cosmetic and health procedures, using therapeutic muds, algae and sea water. By the way, in Hammamet even the sand has beneficial properties, because it is very rich in minerals.


Kerala (India)

Not all tourists know about this resort. It is not advertised by travel agencies, and local businesses rightly believe that it does not require additional disclosure. On the territory of Kerala is one of the largest ayuverdic palaces of India, at first glance resembling a monastery.

Staying here requires advance preparation. At least two weeks you will live in relative isolation without leaving the complex, using the phone for a limited time and eating what you will be cooked by local chefs.

The Ayuverdic method of recuperation includes cleansing on the physical and psychological levels. Patients go for massages, attend saunas, stick to special diets and spend a lot of time by themselves. In their free time, they can take part in meditation, singing and musical evenings.


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