Some of them are unrecognizable! How the actors from the movie "Twilight" have changed after 15 years. Photos then and now

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The actors have continued their acting career

On November 21, 2008, the world premiere of an American romantic fantasy called Twilight took place, making the vampire theme popular for years to come. The main characters of the movie captivated a million viewers, and the images of Edward, Bella, and Jacob became almost a cult. Every teenager wanted to be like the famous actors and have the same interesting life.

Fifteen years have passed since then. OBOZREVATEL will tell you about the life of the "Twilight" actors and show you how they look now (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Bella Swan - Kristen Stewart

The American 32-year-old actress became widely known precisely because of the role of Bella. However, before the filming in the fantasy, Stewart was already an established actress and has played in 10 films. By the way, the role was claimed by Jennifer Lawrence, but Kristen was able to easily surpass her colleague. The beauty in recent years is known not only for her success in the movies, but also for the scandalous details of her personal life. In 2016, she officially announced that she is bisexual. Kristen had an affair with designer Alisha Cargail, French actress Soko and model Stella Maxwell. At the time of filming, Stewart was 17 years old.


Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson

In 2009, British actor and model Pattinson began a romantic relationship with Kristen Stewart. In 2012, the girl spun a new love story with director Rupert Sanders, thus breaking Robert's heart. After that, the man decided to go headlong into work. He had a few successful works, but received a huge amount of approving reviews for playing in Christopher Nolan's film "The Argument." As for his personal life - since 2018, he has been dating British actress and model Sookie Waterhouse.


Jacob Black - Taylor Lautner

Handsome Taylor was only 16 years old when he landed one of the key roles in Twilight. However, Lautner was asked to hit the gym before filming and build muscle in no time. After the romantic film, the American not only lost his abs, which all the girls went crazy about, but his career also went downhill. The next picture with him came out only in 2016 - "Scream Queens." By the way, in his personal life, the man is doing better: in 2009, he met with his colleague from the movie "Valentine's Day" Taylor Swift, and in 2022 he married Taylor Dome.


Jessica Stanley - Anna Kendrick

American Anna Kendrick after the role of Bella's girlfriend has become super popular - she has received nominations for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" awards. In addition to acting, the brunette has been fond of singing since childhood, so she also starred in musicals. Famous films with her participation were: "The Perfect Voice" (2012), "The Farther Into the Woods..." (2014), "My Boyfriend is a Killer" (2015), "Wedding Crashers" (2016), "Payback" (2016), "A Simple Request" (2018). Kendrick is single. The artist dated actor Bill Hader in 2020, but the couple broke up in 2022.


Carlyle Cullen - Peter Facinelli

The American actor and director before the vampire saga starred in successful movies, so his image is not associated exclusively with "Twilight. Now Facinelli devotes more time to his family and sometimes takes part in serial projects. By the way, Peter has three daughters from his first marriage to actress Jenny Garth and a son by actress Lily Anne Harrison (born September 5, 2022).


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