She laughed at sanctions against Russia and is silent about the war: where did Ukrainian "Barbie" Lukyanova disappear to? Photo.

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Where did the Ukrainian "Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova disappear to and what did she say about the war and Russia?

The famous Ukrainian blogger Valeria Lukyanova, who is known online as the Odesa "Barbie" because of her unprecedented resemblance to the legendary doll, decided to keep silent about the bloody and destructive war in her native country. Judging by the pictures on social media, the celebrity met the full-scale invasion in Moscow. But the girl was obviously afraid to stay in the terrorist country, as Russia is increasingly isolating itself from the civilised world.

Now Valeria is abroad, but she remains stubbornly silent about the genocide of her own people. On Instagram, about 2 million users from all over the world follow the Odesa "Barbie", but she tells them about her happy life, cosmetics and boasts about her holiday pictures. As you might guess, the blogger does not care about the fate of Ukraine, although with such a large audience, she could be very useful to her home country.


Almost immediately after February 24, 2022, Lukyanova showed her followers her photos from the United States. Soon, her blog began to feature photos with the geo-location of cities in Mexico and sometimes Europe. The girl boasted about her holidays on the beaches, showed off famous architectural monuments, and so on.


It could not be said that Odesa's Barbie had a pro-Russian stance, as she did not openly support the war, but at the same time did not talk about it at all, nor did she say that Russia was the aggressor.


Everything changed in the third month of the full-scale invasion. In April last year, Lukyanova posted a "humorous" video in which she was quick to ridicule the sanctions against Russia. By the way, many Z-patriots did the same, claiming that their "great and powerful" country would easily cope without Western brands, as they would finally be able to consume "high-quality" domestic products.


In the video, the blogger says: "The sanctions that made me laugh a lot! This is the closure of the website for hookers - OnlyFans. The closure of the world's poorest furniture - IKEA. Finally, hooray! The closure of Coca-Cola, that's easy. And cats have also suffered, they have been banned from international exhibitions."


Interestingly, shortly after the video was published, Lukyanova deleted it. As you might have guessed, she uses her social media exclusively in Russian.


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