Russia's Krasnodar reports drone attack, smoke rises after "cotton": moment of explosion caught on video

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Krasnodar reports a drone attack

On the morning of May 26, a loud "pop" shook Krasnodar in the Russian Federation, where an alleged drone attack was reported. Explosions were heard there, followed by smoke in several places.

Local propagandists immediately pointed to the effective work of air defences and the absence of casualties. However, the reaction of the residents was not so unambiguous - they were panicking and looking for a place to hide, but managed to post footage online (to see photos and videos, scroll down to the end of the news).

"Residents of Krasnodar report at least two explosions. Preliminarily, air defence systems were activated over the city centre. It is not yet known what actually happened," Russian public media wrote around 05:00 on Friday.

They said that the city was attacked by a drone, the wreckage of which fell on a building on Morskaya Street.


The Russians filmed the UAV flying over the city, as well as the moment of the explosion and its aftermath.

"Here it is flying. It's a f*cking UAV," "And this was the arrival and the explosion," they claimed, commenting on the "cotton" after which they had to hide.

In public, the propagandists admitted that an hour after the explosions, no official commentary on the alleged drone attack on Krasnodar appeared.

Later, Russian media wrote that emergency services had gathered at the scene on Morskaya Street. According to the local operational headquarters, no one was injured in the explosions in the centre of Krasnodar.


"According to the information received by the city's unified emergency dispatch service, at 04:17 a.m. in Krasnodar, a 'pop' was heard near the building at 54/2 Morskaya Street. Emergency services were sent to the scene. According to preliminary information, there were no injuries. Damage to the building's roof and windows was recorded, but there was no fire," the propagandists quoted experts as saying.


At the same time, an emotional story about the UAV attack by a resident of Krasnodar appeared in Russian public media. According to her, in the middle of the night, she heard a loud explosion near a residential building on Garazhnaya Street, and ten minutes later, another powerful arrival. The shockwave smashed windowpanes in the nearest five-storey building.


She stated that some "cassettes with balls and needles" were found near the UAV crash site, which were "dropped on people".


The Russians suggested that the drone was "targeting a mobile phone tower" on Morskaya Street. The MTS office building and a residential building were damaged.


This was confirmed by the mayor of Krasnodar, Yevgeny Naumov, who published photos of the damage to residential buildings after the morning explosions in the city. However, he did not name the cause of the attack.

"In a five-storey building at 77/1 Garazhnaya Street, windows were partially blown out. The roof of a nearby private house was damaged. After the work of emergency services, we will start restoring the damaged buildings," the Russian official wrote.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on the night of Thursday, May 25, a massive fire broke out at the Akos construction market in Odintsovo, Moscow Region. A huge column of smoke rose into the sky, which was visible from afar.

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