Russian military tortures residents of Kherson in dozens of detention centres in and around the city - Human Rights Watch

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Russian military tortured Kherson residents in dozens of detention centres

During the occupation of Kherson, Russian terrorists detained and tortured civilians. The abuse of Ukrainians continued from the beginning of the occupation until the liberation of the regional centre from the invaders.

Kherson residents were held in two temporary detention centres and temporary detention facilities in the city administration building. This was reported by the international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch.

Russian war criminals also used the premises of a village school on the outskirts of Kherson and a hangar at the airport to torture civilians. Former detainees have repeatedly reported various forms of ill-treatment, including severe beatings with sticks and rubber batons, electric shocks, and threats of death or injury. The Russians also failed to provide detainees with adequate medical care.

According to Yulia Gorbunova, Senior Researcher at Human Rights Watch Ukraine, the occupation forces used horrific torture and other abuses against Kherson residents in the detention centre building and many other places of detention. She stressed that those responsible for these horrific acts must not go unpunished, and the victims and their families must receive compensation for their suffering.

In the autumn of 2022, a torture chamber was discovered in the liberated Kherson, where the Russian occupiers abused Ukrainians. The invaders had painted the walls and made a mess there.

Earlier it was reported that in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region, Russian war criminals set up a torture chamber next to the Russian passport issuance service. The city's streets are frequently covered with cars of the "military police", whose officers, among other things, arrange filtration at checkpoints.

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