Russia attacked Kyiv with Shaheds: air defense forces destroyed all enemy drones

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Russia attacked Kyiv with Shahed drones

On Tuesday night, July 25, the aggressor country Russia attacked the capital of Ukraine from the air. Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones were used, which did not reach their targets thanks to the successful work of our air defense.

The defenders shot down all enemy strike drones flying at Kyiv. About the details of the attack told the head of the Kyiv city military administration Serhiy Popko.

Recall that this night the air alert in the capital lasted three hours from 01:57 to 05:01, and in the region it lasted a little longer. Residents of the region were warned that on the outskirts of Kyiv is working air defense, and urged to stay safe until bedtime.

In the morning, the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration reported: tentatively, the enemy used Iranian Shahed-type barrage munitions. This became the sixth drone attack on the capital for July.

"By forces and means of air defense, all aerial targets were timely detected and destroyed on the approach to Kyiv. According to information as of this minute - in the capital avoided casualties and destruction (operational erection data is being refined, watch for possible updates)," he wrote after the alarm went off in the city.

The regional military administration noted that in the region also worked off air defense. Citizens were urged to observe information hygiene - not to photograph or film the work of our defenders.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, last time the occupiers attacked Kyiv region kamikaze drones on July 11. Then the air defense forces shot down all the Shaheds, the wreckage of which caused damage in one of the settlements of the region.

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