Russia announced a drone attack on the Belgorod region and admitted that it had "lost" an aerial bomb: details

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In the Belgorod region declared an "attack of drones"

Russia reported a kamikaze drone attack in Belgorod Region on May 24. Russian border guards allegedly shot down all the drones with small arms or using REB means.

At the same time, 23 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, Russians again lost an aerial bomb: an FAB-500 was found the night before near one of the villages in the region. A popular Russian Telegram channel with over 700,000 subscribers writes about it.

According to the channel's version, on the previous day combat drones allegedly "attacked the Belgorod region en masse." The propagandists assure that all of them were shot down by Russian border guards, but they cannot count how many UAVs were involved in the attack. According to the channel's version, "at least six combat drones" were destroyed over Belgorod Region.

"According to our data, the main influx of 'angry birds' occurred around 12:00. At once three kamikazes swooped down on the village of Starolesye in the Krasnoyaruzhsky district (1.1 km to the border). At the same time, two more UAVs tried to attack the neighboring village of Vyazovoye (400 m to the border). All the drones failed: the border guards put them down with REB means and blew them up. In some cases, small arms were used. A similar situation occurred around 15:00 near the village of Sereda, Shebekinsky district. There, a kamikaze was destroyed in a similar way 450 meters from the border," the propagandists said.



They assure that there were no casualties or destruction.

The propagandists also showed a photo of one of the downed drones. It, they assure us, was subsequently destroyed.


However, if the drones did not cause any damage, the Russians tried to "help" them - and again lost an aerial bomb in the Belgorod region.

According to the same sub-page, a Russian FAB-500 was found near the village of Kalinino, Yakovlevsky District, Belgorod Region (23 kilometers from the border).

"According to our data, it happened the day before around 20:00. Now the area is cordoned off. There are no casualties or destruction. They are waiting for explosive technicians," the propagandists said.


As a reminder, earlier the RDK revealed the details of the raid in the Belgorod region. According to Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine, their main goal is to move combat operations to Russian territory. In a recent raid, however, the volunteers set themselves the task of destroying enemy forces, checking the strength of the border with Russia, and conducting sabotage and reconnaissance work.

"We conducted a military operation in Belgorod. We got trophies. We came out with minimal losses - only wounded. What the Russian propaganda showed is what they buy on the black market. We didn't lose our equipment in Belgorod," said the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps unit Denis.

Meanwhile, Russia claimed to have eliminated 70 participants in the raid. The RVC debunked the Russian fake, pointing out that footage of the bodies of the "destroyed saboteurs" shows people in "pixel" while Russian volunteers wear "multikam".

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