Route bombing, downed helicopters and a plane: the confrontation between Prigozhin and Shoigu is gaining momentum in Russia, Kadyrov has intervened. Photo and video

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A civil war is brewing in Russia

Russian media are reporting that Russian army aircraft struck Wagnerian convoys on the M-4 Don highway connecting Moscow, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Novorossiysk. They were allegedly hit by FABs, and the mercenaries responded by shooting down Russian aviation: at least three helicopters and one plane are reported shot down.

Meanwhile, while Yevgeny Prigozhin's private army continues to move towards Moscow, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has responded to the situation by saying that his fighters have moved out to suppress the insurgency. And the Wagnerians have engaged in several clashes with the army.

For example, a number of Russian sub-publics, including one associated with the Wagner PMC, have claimed Russian air strikes on convoys of the Wagnerites moving from Voronezh in the direction of Moscow along the M-4 "Don" highway.

In particular, they write about the dropping of FABs. Civilian vehicles are also reported to have been hit.


A road bridge near the town of Boguchar was also hit.

"The military blew up a road bridge over the Don highway 2km from the town of Boguchar, which was a junction between it and regional roads, eyewitnesses said. Heavy FAB-500 aerial bombs, which had previously been used against Ukrainian infrastructure, could have been used for this purpose. Whether the PMC convoy was on the bridge at the time of the bombing is unknown," a Russian publication noted.

Russian "war correspondents" also report that if the Wagnerians continue their movement, the Russian Armed Forces will blow up three bridges across the Oka River.


In response to the air strikes, the Wagnerians began shooting down Russian helicopters and aircraft.

Thus, while still at the Defense Ministry headquarters in Rostov-on-Don, Prigozhin claimed to have shot down three Russian helicopters. Russian propagandists immediately confirmed the defeat of two Mi-8s and one Mi-35.


Already during the bombing of the M-4 highway, there were reports of a Russian army helicopter being shot down. The Russian media also showed photos of the alleged crash site of the "bird". It is possible that this is one of the three helicopters shot down earlier.


Subsequently, a transport plane was allegedly shot down in the same Kantemirovsky district of Voronezh Region.

"An An-24 aircraft crashed in the Voronezh region. It probably could have been shot down. The plane went down near the village of Kantemirovka. According to preliminary data, at least 3 people were killed," propagandists write.

The Russian Defence Ministry did not comment on these losses.

Instead, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, issued a statement.

He followed President Vladimir Putin in calling Prigozhin's actions a "knife in the back" and "a real military mutiny".

Kadyrov swore allegiance to Putin.

"We have a Supreme Commander-in-Chief, elected by the people, who knows the whole situation down to the last detail better than any strategist, much less a businessman, who himself calls up the commanders 'on the ground' and has complete control over the conduct of the SAF. And the Commander-in-Chief's decisions are taken in a measured, meticulous manner. Each of us sees only one part of the map, but he sees all at once! And it is absolutely right that Vladimir Putin noted in his address to the nation - this is a military mutiny! There is no justification for such actions! I fully support every word of Vladimir Putin!" - the head of Chechnya condescended to the dictator.

He called on the Russian occupiers "not to fall for provocations", called Prigozhin a traitor and managed to implicate the West here as well.

"Whatever goals you might be told, whatever promises you might be told - the security of the state and the cohesion of Russian society at a time like this is paramount! Look how our enemies in the West are taking advantage of this situation. How many innuendos, how many lies, how many false appeals that frighten our citizens and create the danger of a destabilizing situation. And these are the expected consequences of Prigozhin's treasonous march. What is happening is not an ultimatum to the Ministry of Defence. It is a challenge to the state, and against this challenge it is necessary to unite all around the national leader: the military, the security forces, the governors, the civilian population," Kadyrov wrote.

He also assured that his "tik-tok troops" were already on their way to suppress the Wagner rebellion.

"Soldiers of the Ministry of Defence and the Rosgvardia (Federal Guard Service) for the Chechen Republic have already left for the tense zone. We will do everything to preserve the unity of Russia and protect its statehood! The insurgency must be put down, and if tough measures have to be taken for that, we are ready!" - said the head of Chechnya.


And while the Kadyrov people are warming up their smartphones before the "decisive battle", the "Wagnerites" are engaging in battles with Russian security forces.

For example, one of the skirmishes took place in the Voronezh Region, near the village of Rogachevka.

"Fighting has started in the village of Rogachevka in Voronezh Region. Local residents are being evacuated. In addition, according to the publication, soldiers of the Wagner military unit were spotted not far from the local oil depot," local media reported.

Russian propagandists also reported clashes on the Rostov-Moscow highway near the settlement of Cossack Camps.

It seems that the first clash took place there between the forward groups of PFC Wagner, moving towards Moscow, and units of the Rosgvardiya (Federal Guard Service). As a result of the skirmish, the Rosgvardiya reportedly fled, dropping their weapons and several APCs, while the Vagner convoy under the command of Dmitry Utkin continued towards Moscow.


Recall that the day before, Prigozhin declared "war" on Shoygu: since the morning of 24 June, buildings have been seized in Rostov-on-Don, shoot-outs have been reported in Voronezh Region, and many military vehicles and armed men have been noted in several regions. A counter-terrorist operation has even been declared in Moscow, and in several regions people have been urged not to leave their homes.

According to Prigozhin, mercenaries control all military facilities in Rostov, including the airfield. He issued an ultimatum to Shoygu.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an urgent appeal in connection with what was happening. He lashed out at Prigozhin and spoke of the risk of capitulation and that the rebels had "stabbed Russia in the back".

Meanwhile, a map of the standoff between Shoygu's troops and the Wagner PMC has appeared online. According to it, Rostov and Voronezh are already under the control of Wagner.

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