Putinist Bondarchuk has issued a portion of nonsense about the "funnel of Ukrainians in Rostov in 2014" and is going for a walk on Khreshchatyk. Video.

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Natalia Bondarchuk delivers a portion of propaganda nonsense about Ukraine

Russian actress and director Natalia Bondarchuk came to a propaganda programme hosted by Boris Korchevnikov, one of the Kremlin's main mouthpieces, and spouted absurd nonsense about Ukraine and the war. The artist said that in 2014 in Rostov, she "saw with my own eyes a funnel of Ukrainians who wanted to get to a refugee camp".

The Putinist, following the propaganda methodology, said that the bomb that caused the imaginary funnel was bought by the Americans. Fragments of the absurd interview were shared on Telegram channels (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

It should be noted right away that Bondarchuk had an extremely difficult time formulating her thoughts, as if she was making up the text of her fairy tale on the fly. Most of what she said was literally nonsense, as the words and sentences seemed to be unrelated.

"I saw everything with my own eyes. I saw a crater in Rostov from the Ukrainians in 2014. I was standing on the edge of this funnel. They wanted to get to the refugee camp. That was when the refugees started. Women with children were running from there, saying, "Save us". We could already imagine this. All this is spreading. And who is happy? Of course, those who benefit from it. Look who benefits. The United States? What do they need this Ukraine for? After Ukraine, they will find someone else to bring us back there and say: "Everything is fine". Here you realise that no, guys, that's enough - let's go, the country is huge, to the death," the "Z-patriot" uttered incoherent thoughts.


In conclusion, the propagandists, Bondarchuk and Korchevnikov, were going to walk along Khreshchatyk "at six o'clock in the evening, after the war".

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Miguel, a Russian choreographer and judge of the TNT show "Dancing", said that he "fled" Ukraine in 2014 because he allegedly feared for his life. Guided by well-known propaganda narratives, the dancer said that he was harassed in Kyiv because of his Russian language. Read more in our story.

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