Putin revealed that Ukraine did not exist in the RSFSR: the network laughed and advised to study history

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Putin has once again disgraced himself with a ludicrous statement about Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has once again embarrassed himself with a ludicrous statement about our country. He claimed that Ukraine did not exist before the Ukrainian SSR and became the laughing stock of the internet.

The video with the "historian" Putin in the lead role was published by the Russian media. The aggressor cast another "scholar" in a secondary role, the head of the Russian Constitutional Court, Valery Zorkin.

According to Kremlin propagandists, Putin held a working meeting with Zorkin. The latter brought the dictator a map of unknown origin, on which, instead of Ukraine, there is a "land of the Commonwealth" and a "land of Cossacks". He made a "Freudian slip" and said that the map was drawn by "his Frenchmen".

As you can see from the footage, Putin really liked the map and even jumped up, wanting to look at it. The dictator, having examined the map, remarked with satisfaction that it was "the Soviet government that created the Soviet Ukraine", and before that, he said, "no Ukraine existed in the history of mankind".


The video provoked a flurry of jokes and irony about Putin's ridiculous attempts to "rewrite" history.

The dictator was reminded of the classics of Russian literature, the Brest Peace Treaty, and the times of Ancient Rus. However, it is unlikely that Putin has ever heard of any of these.

The users also warned the dictator that there would be no Russia after the "Special Military Operation" and advised him to study history.


It should be noted that this is not the first time Putin has pretended to be a historian and made fake statements about Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, shortly before the invasion of our country, the Russian dictator said that Ukraine was created by Lenin.

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