Putin is hiding his date of birth, the astrologer who knew the truth is dead: what the Kremlin head may be afraid of

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Putin is afraid that the world will learn the truth about him

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has unleashed a bloody war against Ukraine, hides his real date and time of birth. His natal chart has been rewritten, which explains why the state security officer managed not only to become the head of the Kremlin but also to maintain power by committing atrocious crimes.

This was stated by astropsychologist Valentyna Vittrock. According to her, Putin's natal chart, a kind of diagram drawn up taking into account the position of the celestial bodies at the time of birth, was rewritten by the "Kremlin" astrologer Vadim Levin. He was the one who knew the secret of the Kremlin leader and died under mysterious circumstances in 2014.

Putin could change his natal chart

It's worth noting that Joseph Stalin used a similar practice: his horoscope was "redone" by the famous astrologer Georgy Gurdjieff. He left the real year of birth in the natal chart but changed the date. In addition, the astrologer activated the "house" of career and power in Stalin's horoscope, after which he became known as a brutal dictator. The astrologer died in a car accident in Paris, which is believed to be staged.

Stalin also believed in astrology

Rewriting a horoscope, which Putin has resorted to, allows him to establish a certain protection from his enemies – no one can find out about his weaknesses. Also, by adjusting the natal chart, the powerful "attract" what they want into their lives – money, fame, and recognition at any cost. In his quest for world domination, the Russian president went over the dead bodies.

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