Pilots' secret phrase that doesn't bode well for passengers: never ignore it

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If the pilot commands the flight attendants to sit down, passengers should not hang around the cabin either.

Flying on a plane can be quite stressful for people who suffer from mild aerophobia. But once in the zone of turbulence, absolutely all passengers of the aircraft begin to worry. Including the fact that this unpleasantness happens quite suddenly. But if you listen to what the pilot says on the loudspeaker, you can hear a secret phrase, which means that the plane is about to shake a little.

According to The Sun, about this phrase former pilot John Greaves. According to him, if the pilot commands the flight attendants to sit down, it means that the aircraft enters a zone of turbulence.

According to airliner commanders, about 100 passengers a year worldwide are injured during the rocking motion that occurs due to turbulence. These are serious injuries requiring medical attention, such as cracked bones, bruised heads and even concussions. Yes, it's not much, but it also could have been avoided if they had been sitting in their seats with their seat belts fastened at the time.

During severe turbulence, a passenger who was in the aisle or sitting unbuckled can be thrown around the cabin and hit the seats and other interior elements hard. That's why pilots insist that you should never ignore the warning on the display above the passenger seat.

Specialists warn that due to climate change, turbulence zones are moving into layers of the atmosphere where it used to be relatively safe for passenger airliners to fly. Accordingly, rocking on board may occur more frequently.

Sensitive passengers are advised to prepare for their flight so they don't vomit while passing through the turbulence zone. The main recommendations are as follows:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol before the flight;
  • Try to shift your attention from rocking to something else;
  • Contact the crew if a passenger feels unwell.

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