No longer recognizable! How the actors of the comedy Taxi have changed after 25 years and how their fate was formed. Photo then and now

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How the actors of the legendary movie
How the actors of the legendary movie ''Taxi'' have changed

25 years have passed since the release of the first Taxi movie. In 1998, director Luc Besson released the film, which made stars of the main characters and is still at the peak of popularity.

During this time came out eight parts of the movie, however, connoisseurs consider it is the first cast the most successful. OBOZREVATEL compared how the stars have changed over a quarter of a century.

  • Emma Wiklund
Emma Wicklund became a model.

Swedish actress Emma Wiklund, who played the seductive police commissioner, has become a photo model and TV presenter. She has only 10 movies to her credit. Now she lives with her family in Sweden, raises two children and hosts her own TV program.

  • Bernard Percy
Bernard Farsi has appeared in many films.

Commissaire Gibert was played by French actor Bernard Farsi, it was this character that made him popular. On the account of Farsi, too, about 10 roles in the movie. In 2018, he starred in the movie "Taxi 5", where he was the mayor of the city of Marseille. Now the career of the actor continues, despite the mature age.

  • Edouard Montoute
Édouard Montoute is still acting in movies.

Inspector Alain was played by French film actor Edouard Montoute. He has more than 20 movie roles on his account. In 2018, he starred in the movie Taxi 5 in the same role.

  • Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard has given birth to two children

Frenchwoman Marion C otillard played the role of Daniel's main character's girlfriend, Lily. Her career began in 1993 and continues to this day. On the account of the actress many prestigious movie awards. Kotiyar married director Guillaume Canet, and now they are raising two children.

  • Frederic Diefenthal
Frederic Diefenthal considered best young actor

The role of inexperienced police inspector Emilien was played by Frederic Diefenthal, he has 20 movie roles to his credit. In 2004, he married French actress Gwendolyn Amon. Diefenthal is actively acting in movies and was nominated for the Cesar Award as the best young actor.

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