Never wear it on a date! 5 things that will ruin your first impression. Photo.

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Some clothes are better not to wear on first dates

First dates are a time when people draw conclusions about each other not only from conversation but also from appearance. That's why it's better to choose your outfits for romantic meetings in advance, because an accidental mistake can ruin the first impression and lead a potential partner to the wrong conclusions.

If you are talking about a serious relationship and interest in a person, it is better to avoid anything vulgar and too short. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you what clothes are best not to wear on a first date (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Mesh tights

Mesh tights can be appropriately styled in a look if you balance them with a closed, baggy or oversized top. However, this look can hardly be called feminine and romantic. Besides, many people still associate such a sexy wardrobe item with vulgarity.


Very short skirt/shorts and plunging neckline

No matter how much you want to impress on a first date with slender legs or seductive curves, it's best to leave it for later. A revealing look can scare off a serious partner.


Evening "prom" dress

Luxurious floor-length dresses undoubtedly look great and emphasise femininity, but they are completely inappropriate for casual dates in an establishment or for a walk. Such outfits can hint at desperation and an excessive desire to impress.


Baggy clothes

No matter how inappropriate the previous images look, you shouldn't go to the extreme and "close up". Baggy sweaters, boyfriend jeans and pyjama suits can make your partner think of insecurity. Of course, oversize can also appeal to spectacular beauties, but during the first meeting, it is usually difficult to determine how confident a person is.


More accessories

Earrings, bracelets, pendants and hair ornaments are the finishing touches to your look that complement the overall picture. You shouldn't bring all your most expensive jewellery with you on a first date to impress a potential partner, as you risk looking like a parrot.


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