Never plant these vegetables together: combinations that can deprive you of a harvest

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Some vegetables should not be planted together

Experienced gardeners know that the right companionship in the garden is the key to a generous and high-quality harvest. It often happens that even after fertilizing, regular watering, and nourishing, vegetables grow small and taste bitter.

And the reason is very simple - non-compliance with companion planting rules. Certain crops should never be planted next to each other: they will "take" nutrients from the soil and share common diseases. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out which vegetables should not be planted next to each other.

Where not to plant potatoes

Bad neighbors for potatoes are:

  • tomatoes
  • eggplants
  • sweet and hot peppers.

To summarize, potatoes will grow poorly next to nightshade crops. The fact is that they share the same diseases, and by planting these vegetables side by side, they will "exchange" pests and diseases. Solanaceae are very attractive to Colorado potato beetles, which then "move" to potatoes.

It is recommended to plant onions, mustard, garlic, and beans between the rows of potatoes - they can repel pests.

Bad neighborhood for zucchini, melons, and cucumbers

Watermelons, melons, and cucumbers will grow poorly next to zucchini. These crops are susceptible to fungal diseases of the same type. Zucchini is also not recommended for planting next to pumpkins and squash.

Ideal neighbors for zucchini are:

  • tomatoes
  • radish
  • beans
  • peas
  • beets
  • corn
  • onions.

Tomatoes and cabbage

It is better to plant cabbage and tomatoes far away from each other. They require many of the same nutrients from the soil, for which they begin to "compete". If there is a lack of nutrition, tomatoes and cabbage will lack fertilizer and grow frail and small.

Why you shouldn't plant peppers and legumes next to each other

Sweet peppers and legumes should not be planted next to each other. They share a common disease called anthracnose. This is a fungus that quickly infects one plant and spreads to others.

Do you plant tomatoes next to cucumbers

If you want to harvest a rich crop of tomatoes and cucumbers, do not plant them next to each other. This proximity will cause poor fruiting. Tomatoes do not like high humidity and deteriorate from its excess, while cucumbers, on the contrary, need abundant watering. By the way, cucumber leaves can release a lot of moisture, which negatively affects tomatoes.

Wrong neighborhood for carrots

Carrots should not be planted next to dill, parsley, and mustard. Greens will take away nutrients and moisture, causing carrots to grow small.

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