Never mow the grass under apple trees: explaining why

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Experts advise against mowing grass under an apple tree

Apple trees are the favorite trees of many gardeners. They bear fruit well, are unpretentious, and resistant to cold. But still, certain rules for caring for apple trees should not be neglected.

For example, few people know that grass should not be mowed under apple trees. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out about the prohibition and its potential consequences.

Why it is not recommended to mow grass under apple trees

Experienced gardeners know that mowing grass under apple trees is not advisable. This should be done only in case of emergency. Vegetation under apple trees does not harm the tree. On the contrary, tall grass serves as a habitat for beneficial insects that help protect apple trees from pests, such as the codling moth, which can damage the fruit.

Beetles, fire beetles, and bedbugs are also capable of controlling woody pests. Therefore, it's advised not to mow the grass near the trunk.

The right companions for the apple tree

For healthy growth, apple trees need sufficient light. Additionally, it is important to plant other trees and shrubs nearby that can mutually assist each other in the fight against pests.

You can plant next to apple trees:

  • plums
  • cherries
  • gooseberries
  • other apple trees
  • radish
  • onions.

You can plant vegetables that do not have a very branched root system near the apple tree: cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini.

Onions and garlic will protect the apple tree from pests.

You can sow herbs under the apple tree:

  • dill
  • sorrel
  • basil
  • lettuce.

Dandelions contain a substance that will accelerate the ripening of apples, and celandine will protect the tree from aphids and ants.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL said that some plants, such as marigolds or lavender, can repel mosquitoes. And calendula will help in the fight against Colorado potato beetles.

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