Never forget a grudge: the three most vindictive zodiac signs

The three most vengeful zodiac signs

Given the choice between forgiving and forgetting about the offense or taking revenge and getting justice, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn will definitely choose the second option. These signs tend to hold a grudge and will look for different ways to retaliate, no matter what it takes.

Astrologers explained what methods these signs choose to take revenge. If there are people in your environment who were born under these constellations, be prepared for "unexpected" events in case of insult or devaluation of their feelings.


Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this sign is more inclined than others to seek revenge through wealth and stunning appearance. Looking good and living in prosperity is the best payback for insults. Taurus will not forget your deeds and words and will always remember your mistakes on occasion.


Scorpio is prone to deep and strong love, and if you hurt his feelings, expect ruthless revenge. This sign does not forget or forgive anything. People born under this constellation will think about retaliation for a long time and carefully plan everything to cause you more pain. They will wait for the right moment and "restore justice."


Of the three signs listed, Capricorn is the most prone to cold revenge. Relying on a financial strategy, this sign hits not below the belt, but right in the wallet. Therefore, keep an eye on your expenses and financial savings if you have offended Capricorn. It will find a way to leave you with nothing.

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