Mysteriously missing MH370 with 239 passengers shown on video surrounded by UFOs: but all turned out to be fake

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There are many crazy theories surrounding the story of MH370's disappearance. Source: GETTY/frame from video/collage OBOZREVATEL

In August 2023, an alleged satellite video showing the missing March 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 flying in the sky accompanied by three UFOs and simply disappearing was circulated online. The video was spread not only by social media users, but also to some Western media, but it turned out to be completely falsified.

Evidence of the fakeliness of the video was sorted out by the edition of FRANCE 24. Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace on March 8, 2014 during a flight between Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Beijing (China).The plane was in communication for 40 minutes after takeoff before disappearing from radar in the skies over the South China Sea.

There were 239 people (12 crew members and 227 passengers) on board the plane. In January 2015, they were all declared dead in an accident, although investigators have never established the circumstances of the plane's disappearance or the location of its wreckage.

There is speculation that the plane fell into the sea and sank, but neither the wreckage nor the bodies of the deceased have ever been found. This led to various conspiracy theories beginning to form around the tragedy. Among them are the hijacking of the plane by the US or Russian intelligence services, as well as the pilot's suicide or a botched hijacking. OBOZREVATEL talked about the most popular versions here.

Airplane route of flight MH370

Not without paranormal versions. In particular, the video, which has gone viral in recent days, shows an airplane making its flight when three accompanying spherical UFOs appear next to it, and at some point the plane with passengers simply disappears in the middle of the sky. The network speculated that the video showed either an alien abduction of the plane or a test of teleportation technology. Of course, both turned out to be a fake. Actually, as well as the video itself.

MH370 and three UFOs

Although the video with the plane and aliens has garnered millions of views online, it is not new at all. It was created at least 9 years ago and already stirred the web in March 2023 after a documentary about the disappearance of MH370 was shown on Netflix.

The video exists in two versions: one shot allegedly by a UAV thermal imaging camera and the other by a regular camera allegedly from a satellite orbiting the Earth. The video shows an airplane surrounded by three spherical objects flying around it. After a few seconds, the three spheres collide with the airplane and it instantly disappears.

Both videos have been floating around the internet since 2014 and have not been linked to Flight MH370 before.

They first appeared on the deleted YouTube channel RegicideAnon, but they can still be found in internet archives. At the time, they were titled "UAV captures airliner and UFO" and "Satellite video: airliner and UFO". Both videos did not mention Flight MH370 in any way.

The experts to whom the journalists showed both videos are sure that they are just fakes and admitted that they have seen the videos before.

MH370 and three UFOs

Scott Brando, founder of UFO of Interest, an organization dedicated to debunking UFO hoaxes, said that the video was most likely created using computer graphics. In particular, he pointed out that in August 2014 this video was published on the video service Vimeo, where it was presented as the author's vision of the disappearance of Flight MH370, which was created by a "video editing enthusiast".

Another error in the video was noticed by HoaxEye expert Janne Ahlberg. He noted that the satellite video states that it was supposedly taken by the NROL-33 satellite. Obviously, as Alberg notes, this is how the author of the video wanted to give it authenticity. Such a satellite does exist and is used by the military, but the problem is that it was only launched on May 22, 2014 - more than two months after the plane had already disappeared.

In addition, Ahlberg said he has not seen any photos or videos from satellites taking pictures of the sky from such a point. A satellite would have taken pictures of the airplane from above, but not from the sides and bottom in any way. Regarding other claims that the video was allegedly taken by an MQ1-Predator UAV, it is simply not capable of climbing to the altitude at which MH370 was flying.

According to Alberg, a more logical version would be that the video was shot on the ground, but it would only confirm that the video is fake, since its authors change their versions every time they expose the untruthfulness of the previous one.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL also told about the fact that in NASA and the Pentagon recognized the anomalousness of spherical UFOs flying "around the world".

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