Monstera will grow giant: what fertiliser to feed the plant with

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Monstera is a large tropical plant with beautiful shiny dark green leaves that can decorate any home. It is an unpretentious flowerpot and with proper care it grows up to five metres in height.

However, you should fertilise the monstera in a timely manner to strengthen and protect it from diseases and pests. OBOZREVATEL has found an effective way to do this.

First, you need to know how to properly grow the plant at home. The ideal place for a monstera is where it is light, but the sun's rays should be diffused, not direct. Regular watering of the plant is also very important, but excessive moisture will harm it.

Watering should be done when the soil is dry. If there are drops of water on the leaves of the flowerpot, this is a sign of excessive liquid and this is how the plant gets rid of excess water.

Fertilisers are a necessary part for the development of monstera. It is thanks to proper fertilisation that the foliage grows lush and large. You can prepare such solutions yourself from available products.


Cut the banana peel into small pieces and place in a one-litre jar. Then cover with warm water and leave for a day.


Pour water over the parsley root and put it on the fire. Let the liquid boil for 5 minutes, then wait for the mixture to cool and you can water the flowerpot.


Brew black tea and let it brew. This will also strengthen the plant and fill it with nutrients.

But fertilise the Monstera carefully, because excessive use of fertiliser can also harm it. Mix the solutions with water in a one-to-one ratio and water the plant once a month.

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