Lengthening and hiding excess: 5 models of jeans that make women slimmer. Photo.

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Jeans are a basic element of a woman's wardrobe.

Almost every wardrobe has a thing that is always in trend - jeans. They were worn in the 90s, in the noughties, in the 2010s and now. Only their decoration and style change. For example, models with rhinestones, torn knees and embroidery used to be in trend. Now it's all about flare and pipes.

However, you don't have to chase fashion. After all, some of the stylish things visually add pounds and shorten your height. In the OBOZREVATEL article, we tell you about jeans that will accentuate your figure and make you visually taller.

1. Mom jeans

These models have a simple cut, high rise and slightly cropped length. Thanks to this, they make the waist slimmer, the hips smaller and the silhouette longer. Mom jeans are versatile: they go perfectly with loafers and sneakers, as well as T-shirts or elegant blouses.


2. Black jeans

Dark shades can visually correct the figure: they narrow the waist and remove excess volume in the hips. Because black absorbs the sun's rays more actively than other colours, which makes clothes visually appear smaller in size, unlike white clothes.


3. Slim fit jeans

These are narrow jeans that differ from classic Slim jeans in that they are slightly wider at the ankles. Such models correctly emphasise the legs, and do not hide them, like culottes or "pipes". Give preference to products made of thick fabric in white, blue or black.


4. High rise jeans

These models, unlike medium or low rise, do not distort the proportions of the female figure. They lengthen the silhouette and pull the hips up, removing excess volume. These jeans will be relevant both now and in 5-7 years.


5. Shortened jeans

Jeans that are too long (e.g. flared) make the look heavy. They look sloppy and impractical to wear. Choose cropped models, which are called elegant classics in the fashion industry for good reason.


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