Leap year 2024: why you can't get married and other superstitions

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Leap year 2024

2024 will be a leap year, which means an extra day is added to the calendar. Our ancestors believed that there were many superstitions associated with this and that we should follow the rules so as not to bring trouble to the family.

OBOZ.UA took a closer look at this issue and found out why you can't get married next year. Leap years have always been considered unlucky and dangerous.


Even in today's world, most newlyweds try not to organize a wedding in such a special year. According to beliefs, getting married during this period will bring troubles, misfortunes, and quarrels, and the couple will quickly divorce.

People called this year the "year of the bride and groom". In different countries of the world, it was believed that if a woman made a marriage proposal to her chosen one, he could not refuse it. That's why young people often get married without mutual feelings.

Superstitions and beliefs

In a leap year, you can't get divorced or pregnant; ancestors believed that a newborn during this period should be baptized as soon as possible to protect it from negative influences. It is also worth refraining from changing jobs or starting a new business as everything will be in vain and will not be beneficial.

You cannot buy real estate or build a house because it will only have negative energy. Selling property or valuables is also not worth it.

In a leap year, people didn't go carolling on Christmas Eve as there was a belief that by dressing up, they would take on the behavior of animals.

On Ivan Kupala, people gather medicinal herbs, but in 2024, they must pray before doing so.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you what decorations should not be hung on the Christmas tree in 2024: they will bring trouble.

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