It will be huge and sweet: what to sprinkle beets with in May

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What to feed the beets

The end of May is the perfect time to feed beets. It is in the last days of spring that all plants begin active growth, blossom and gain strength. It is better to start preparing the soil for planting beets in the fall, but if you did not have time to do it - no problem. May fertilizers will help to grow a generous and delicious harvest.

You should pay attention to the type of soil and the amount of nitrogen. If you get too carried away with fertilizing, you can get really big in size beets, which will contain a large amount of nitrates. What fertilizers are useful and what - contraindicated for beets, read the article OBOZREVATEL.

Rules of growing beets

Experts recommend adding dolomite or lime to acidic soil. This fertilizer will improve the structure of the soil, which in turn will stimulate the growth of beets.

In spring, you can also add to the bed of wood ash, which contains valuable minerals.

It is best to start fertilizing beets after their first thinning. By the way, there are fertilizers that can be added to the beds throughout the season. We are talking about humus, compost. In this way you can periodically saturate the soil with nutrients.

The fastest result will show mineral fertilizers, solutions of mineral salts . Beets will go into active growth in just a few days.


Mistakes when fertilizing beets

Under no circumstances should the bed be oversaturated with nitrogen fertilizer. The beets will grow vigorously, which will create the illusion of fertilizer effectiveness. In fact, they will have a high nitrate content and will quickly spoil.

On soils with too dense a structure (clay and dry types), the beets will not have enough nutrients. Drying out after a rain, these types are like turning into a "shell" for the plant.

Sandy soil dries out quickly, so beets planted in these conditions will have to be watered frequently. In addition, this type of soil will require active fertilizing.

Beets like a neutral or low pH. In an acidic environment, the vegetables will grow "wooden" and "bearded".

Do not get too carried away and fertilizers, which include calcium. Such root crops will often be bothered by scab. Also on beets can appear fungus.

Lack of boron will lead to the development of rot. Beets may have a rotten, blackened middle, although they will look healthy on the outside.

Summer feeding.

What to feed beets in June

In the first month of summer, there is active leaf growth and root development. The plant may need nitrogen and phosphorus.

Useful fertilizers would be:

  • infusion of cowpea
  • Infusion of chicken manure
  • Infusion of green fermented grasses.

July Fertilizer

In July, the mass builds up and the root crop forms. There are several fertilizer options:

  1. Urea infusion.
  2. Ammonia solution - in the proportion of 10 liters of water and 2 tablespoons of ammonia.
  3. Wood ash - pour it between the plantings.
  4. Infusion of wood ash - add 1 cup of fertilizer to a bucket of water.

What to feed in August

In the last month of summer, beets are finally forming and ripening. Nitrogen fertilizers should not be applied in August. Potassium will be useful. In addition, the following fertilizers will do:

  • saline solution
  • potassium sulfate
  • boric acid.

In general, beets are not too unpretentious, so it will not be difficult to grow it on a bed. But the wrong neighborhood can cause a bad harvest. Beets can grow small, weak and unpalatable. What crops can not be planted near the beets - read in this article.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told that it is absolutely impossible to plant near the tomatoes.

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