It will always be as good as new: how to wash thermal underwear correctly

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Thermal underwear requires a special approach to washing

The advent of thermal underwear has freed us from the need to wear large, heavy and clingy wool sweaters in winter. However, in order to stay in good condition, it requires no less careful care than wool.

OBOZ.UA asked experts for their advice on how to wash thermal underwear correctly so as not to damage its high-tech fibers. After all, if it loses its shape, it will sag greatly in efficiency.

First of all, always read the label of the item. It contains clear recommendations on the temperature regime, the choice of detergents, as well as the method of spinning and drying the item. It is better not to deviate from them.

If the label is missing for some reason, you can use the general recommendations. They are suitable for most thermal underwear items.

First of all, determine whether you have a completely synthetic item or one with a high content of natural fibers. Synthetic items do not tolerate high temperatures, chlorine bleaches, dry cleaning, or ironing. If the fabric of the underwear contains merino wool, it should not be twisted.

In any case, wash thermal underwear on a delicate cycle without spinning. And give preference to liquid detergents. Ideally, specialized gels for sportswear. Definitely avoid fabric softener.

To dry the item, first lay it out on a horizontal surface to allow the water to drain. When it stops dripping, gently hang the thermal underwear on hangers or a rope. And do not dry it outside in frosty temperatures - this can also damage the fibers.

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