Is it really impossible to hang magnets on the refrigerator: everything about the "danger"

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Specialists consider the fear of refrigerator magnets to be an exaggeration

Regardless of one's attitude towards fridge magnets, they have been and remain a popular souvenir. They are brought back from travels or events attended, decorate the kitchen, or are used to pin up notes. They are considered a great memory and a manifestation of personal taste. Some people also claim that they can be harmful and even dangerous.

OBOZREVATEL tried to understand the issue and finally answer definitively whether these magnets are dangerous.

What opponents say

On the Internet, you can find information that sticking magnets on a refrigerator can harm it. They say that the magnetic field from such decorations can disrupt its operation. For example, it can damage the appliance's heat exchangers. Sometimes you can find the opinion that it also negatively affects the food in the refrigerator.

And then some superstitious people claim that magnets do not attract anything good. They say that they only "stick" to problems, illnesses, and misfortunes, which can be very difficult to get rid of later.

What experts say to them

Esoteric fears about fridge magnets are not so easy to dispel. They are completely irrational, so you can't answer them with rational arguments either.

But as for possible malfunctions due to magnets, physicists are unanimous: souvenir decorations are too weak to have any effect on the operation of the refrigerator. Sometimes they can't even hold the weight of their decorative coating. Only really powerful neodymium or electromagnets, which are not usually used in everyday life, can cause damage to household appliances, particularly because of their high power.

Therefore, if you like souvenir magnets that remind you of pleasant moments in your life, feel free to collect them on your refrigerator. It is completely safe.

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