Is it possible to pluck the feathers of onions: not everyone knows the answer

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Onions for turnips and feathers are grown separately

Experienced gardeners follow one important rule: onions for turnips and feathers are planted separately. However, not everyone considers it necessary to take this nuance into account. Onions are an unpretentious crop, growing perfectly well even in winter on a window sill in a plastic cup with water. So what difference does it make whether or not to tear the feathers of onions planted on a turnip?

In fact, failure to follow this rule is one of the reasons for poor and unpalatable harvest. OBOZREVATEL has investigated when it is impossible to tear the feathers of onions.

Each feather corresponds to a certain layer in the onion husk. That is, by ripping off a feather, the leaf inside the onion will either wither or not grow at all.

There are two reasons why onions planted on a turnip should not be torn feathers:

  1. Dry plates will appear inside the onion.
  2. If all the feathers are torn off, the bulb simply will not grow.

That's why onions for greens should be grown separately. To do this is simple: put small old bulbs overnight in warm water, and in the morning just cut off the tails. After that, the onions can be planted in a bed, in a greenhouse or in a pot on the windowsill.

When planting the bulb on the bed, do not dip it too much into the ground and, even more so, trample it down. This way, there is a risk that the roots will break.

Onions should be planted so that the cut remains above the ground by at least 1 cm. In 2-3 days you will already notice the green feathers starting to come out. You can grow onions in this way throughout the summer.

By the way, weak feathers are the main sign that onions lack nitrogen. In late May and early summer, you can feed it with urea. This is an effective nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Read in this article how to prepare a solution of carbamide and when it is better to apply it to the soil.

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