In Sumy, an 11-year-old girl saved three children from a fire. Photos and video

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Mykyta carried her younger brother and sister in her arms

In Sumy, an 11-year-old girl saved three children from a fire. At first, she tried to extinguish the flames herself, and then carried her younger brothers and sister out in her arms.

This was reported by the State Emergency Service. The story with a happy ending happened on the morning of April 7 (to watch the video, scroll down to the end).


Four children were left without adults in a private house on Panteleimon Kulish Street.

While everyone was still sleeping, a 5-year-old boy told his older sister that a fire had broken out in the house.

The girl, Mykyta (born in 2012), was not at a loss. At first, she tried to put out the fire herself, but failed.


She did not give up and began to save her younger brothers and sister. She carried two children (aged 1 and 4) out of the burning house in her arms, while the 5-year-old boy ran outside on his own.

Neighbours came running to hear the children's cries, took them in, warmed them up and called rescuers.

Furniture and household appliances were on fire in the house, and the fire spread to the roof and ceilings. The flames were spreading rapidly, but the SES managed to extinguish the fire and prevent it from engulfing the entire house.


"I saw smoke, flames, and children screaming. I ran in with my wife, we have four children there. A neighbour had already saved one of them... Nika handed me the youngest child over the fence. Everyone was rescued, and then the special services were called," the neighbours said.

The rescuers once again called on adults to be responsible, to value the lives of their children and not to leave them unattended:

"Remember that the fate of your children depends on you. And it is you who are your child's role model."


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