If your hair is oily and you can't wash it. 5 quick hairstyles

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Hairstyles suitable for oily hair
Hairstyles suitable for oily hair

During the war, especially when you have to stay in a bomb shelter all the time, many do not have the opportunity to take a shower. The appearance of girls affects their emotional state, so they should clean up, comb their hair and take care of their skin whenever possible.

Even oily strands can be braided beautifully and look attractive. OBOZREVATEL has collected 5 life hacks on how to make attractive hairstyles when your hair is dirty.

  • The bun

Smooth hairstyles are best suited for hair that is not of the first freshness. It is better to choose a classic version of a tight bun: low or high. Such a hairstyle will last a long time, unlike the trendy bun, where the strands are not tight. A loose bun can be relevant if you have dry shampoo in your arsenal of cosmetics.

Tight bun looks attractive on dirty hair

Gather the hair into a tight ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. To make the hair obey, you can lightly moisten it with water or gel. The ends should be pulled into a tight tourniquet in the direction where you usually comb the strands so that no "roosters" appear.

  • Ponytail with a pile

If you have long or medium length hair, the ends of your hair do not look dirty for a long time, so you can tie a tight ponytail at the back of your head and make a pile on the top of your head to hide grease.

Comb-over will hide oily hair

To do this, divide the hair into two parts: the first part of the bangs, and tie the second part with an elastic band. Comb the front strands with any comb, then attach them to the ponytail and smooth out the sticking out parts, and secure the ends to the elastic with invisible bands.

  • Weaving

Any weave will hide the oiliness of the hair. Small spikelets will look best on stale strands, and you can leave them unbraided for several days. This is especially true for mothers who have daughters, as there is not always time to do their hair every day during the war.

Pigtails hide oily hair

Braiding a spikelet is quite simple, the main thing is practice. You need to start braiding at the crown of your head, and with each step, add strands from the bulk of your hair.

  • Wet hair effect

The wet hair effect is a trend, but it is suitable for girls with naturally curly and lush strands. This hairstyle is also suitable for those with short haircuts.

The wet hair effect looks attractive

To do this, you will need a hair gel or foam. Curls should not be combed, you need to take a little foam in your hands and apply it as if you want to comb it with your hands.

  • Curls

If you can use a curling iron or straightener at home, curls will hide unwashed hair. You can also use a hula hoop or other accessories that will distract the eyes of others from oily roots.

Curls hide oily hair

To do the styling, you need to curl the ends and smooth the roots with a hair gel or hairspray.

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